“The UUP rejected the idea..”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the BBC’s Stephen Walker has gotten his hands on an early discussion paper from the Conservative Party on their proposals for linking up with the UUP .

Documents obtained by the BBC reveal that the Conservatives wanted to merge with the Ulster Unionists and set up a new party in Northern Ireland. It would have been called the Northern Ireland Conservative and Unionist Party – to be known as NICUP. The Tories wanted the new party to have David Cameron as its leader with Sir Reg Empey as treasurer.

  • Frustrated Democrat


    Why shouldn’t it come as a surprise to anyone?

    Do you know (or suspect) where the BBC got the document from?

  • Pete Baker


    I should have been clearer.

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Conservatives were proposing a full merger.

    And no, I don’t know where the BBC got the document.

    But, if I had to guess, I’d probably be looking for a disgruntled NI Conservative..

  • I wonder you that could be Pete….

    Blogged in myself earlier:


  • Frustrated Democrat


    ‘But, if I had to guess, I’d probably be looking for a disgruntled NI Conservative.’

    Are you suggesting this previous post from Mick for example?


  • *who

  • Pete Baker


    I’m not suggesting any particular individual was responsible.

  • What the BBC have is an historical bit of paper. They are carrying on as if this is news.
    Knowledge that the Conservatives wanted to merge was already out in the public domain.

    I suppose some will be surprised that such a proposal was made. It looks as though Sir Reg tried to deny there was such a proposal. For example, back in September at the time of the Tory conference, Sir Reg said in a broadcast recorded on slugger “Its never been about a merger and merger was never on the table”


    But language can sometimes lead to misunderstanding and he may have been referring purely to the UUP position.

    But the UUP have always been consistent. In the Sunday Times (Jan 11th) Ken Maginness said there will NEVER be a merger.

    So that is that. We have an agreement. We are working with it. We will do well with it.

  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    The Identity of the leaker will no doubt peel off like a reduced price supermarket label, it is always a dodgy practise to use goods beyond their sell by date. Is this leaked draft working paper of any consequence;in my opinion a full merger is obviously needed and will come.It appears to me that money raising and dual branding are confusing to potential new members and new voters. However it is a wonderful sign how little our detractors have to gripe about and flail us with. None of us are recycled terrorists and none of us have “invaded The Irish Republic en Masse. Neither has any one of us ponced around in a Black or Red Beret as a Third Force Uniform or was that mispelt?These are my personal views an ordinary 5/8s member of the UUP but most certainly a Conservatives And Unionists supporter.
    Incidentally that is why a joint committee was formed to look at working papers and come up with a proposition for both party executives to agree upon. Outside Jeffrey Donaldson’s office which is also shared with Edwin Poots And Johnathan Craig is a sign which reads ULSTER DEMOCRATIC UNIONIST PARTY so are they the UDUPs?. All this malarkey about accronyms and names so prominently featured by Dunseath along with his untimely collusion with Peter Weir to broadcast some totally unsubstantiated claim that The Conservatives and Unionists would exclude members of the Orange Order from becoming candidates in parliamentary elections on the day that we attended the funeral of one of our leading members has in my opinion belittled the largest political party in the UK for organising fully locally and returning to an improved and more potentially succesful political alternative to schismatic and counter productive tribal politics based on ethnicity and sects of Christianity one would think this was the Blair Broadcasting Corporation at work rather than a licence payer funded BBC.

  • Fair Deal


    Some relevant debate among local conservtives

  • Unless I’m missing something I can only see “communications” from Mr Peel on there, no sign of debate.

    Incidently I was surprised (and probably also delighted) to find out that both The Ulster Tatler and the Clear Blue Water Conservatives are now following me on Twitter. Time to get out of the pyjamas and into the tux I guess now before I issue my own “communications”.

  • dodrade

    A full merger would have been preferable to the dog’s breakfast of an arrangement at present, which will probably still cost them their only MP anyway, but what does Reggie care as long as his new best friend Dave gives him a peerage after the next election so he can finally go to Westminster with the big boys and girls.

  • Comrade Stalin

    John K Lund

    Neither has any one of us ponced around in a Black or Red Beret as a Third Force Uniform or was that mispelt?

    Uh, Vanguard ? Sir Reg ? Trimble ? “Liquidate the enemy” and all that ?