Rebels with a cause they can’t win…

AFTER dissident republicans shot two soldiers dead, it created political difficulties for Sinn Fein. However, after the murder of a policeman, the party weighed in against the dissidents. Its hesitation to comment over the soldiers’ murders was drowned out by its strong condemnation of dissidents in the wake of the PSNI officer’s shooting. So I wonder what SF thinks of this recent blog by its youth wing. Admittedly, it’s pretty routine for Ogra Shinn Fein to call for British Army recruitment stalls to be banned from Queen’s University, but the tone of the language used raises questions. Is it just empty rhetoric? Was there a protest? How can OSF possibly stop this happening? Does protest change these things in the new dispensation anyway? Or are they just full of hot air?

In the current climate, if someone decided to follow the statement through to OSF’s logical conclusion “to reject the presence of this war force on our campus”, on which side of the fence would these mainstream republicans be on – with Sinn Fein or with the dissidents?

I imagine QUB’s ceasefire soldiers hope they’ll never be confronted with such a decision.

  • The Raven

    Business was brisk for all the armed forces at two recent job fairs that a friend of mine organised up here recently.

    I guess – without prejudice to the piece by the Young Shinners – that a job is a job is a job in these times.

  • from Ogra’s post: “Here in Ireland we are trying to build an inclusive and demilitarised society”

    Seems pretty clear they’d be against any army recruiting on campus, be they republican or British or whatever. It is very mischievious, in the least, to hint that these Ogra might be in favour of the dissidents.

    I think the post is perfectly on message and that SF would have no difficulty in it. Belfast Gonzo, why do you think that a peaceful political organisation should be required to reject clear unambiguous protest against militarization?

  • To clarify: read “distance itself from” for “reject” in my final sentence.

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    Ah let them have their recruitment stalls. The British Army is part of the Unionist tradition and has a very special place in Unionists hearts.
    Don’t deprive them of their tradition and culture.

    Free choice for everyone in a democracy and if folk wanna sign up, well let them.

    Stop the old vacuous rhetoric.

    Gréagoir O’ Fráinclin


    12 protesters at QUB on Thursday on “PSNI Brutality” blaming the students riot on the police. Nothing at all to do with them being liquored up tosspots.

    Dismantle republican war machine in Ireland would be more appropriate for these kids.

  • Why give these eejits the publicity?

  • Pat mccann

    Have to say im totally disheartened and enraged at Mcguinness calling fellow irishmen “traitors” Who gave him of all people the authority to say that?No matter if you agree with recent events or not,he has no right to call fellow irishmen traitors.How low will the condradictory party(SF)stoop to have power,the sight of mcguinness standing outside a british institution with a british policeman calling irishmen traitors is an absolute disgrace,he doesnt speak for me,in fact i stopped voting sinn fein about 15 yrs ago when i realised they were intent on backing the whole movement into a corner they would find impossible to escape from,this is the case today.We have to listen to unionist politicians gloating about how they have been vetoeing sinn fein demands in stormont and they sit there and take it,is this what the tragedy of the past was all for? The recent arrests and illegal detentions that followed are disturbing and the downright hypocrisy of sinn fein is nauseating regarding those arrests.Do sinn fein not realise the damage they have done? Their “uncle tom cobley” mentality is pathetic,these are the same people who lambasted the SDLP in the same situation,do they think we have forgotten? What purpose is served by certain sinn fein politicians slinking into british forces funerals? One thing has certainly emerged as fact in recent yrs regarding sinn fein,these people in real power would be a catastrophe for Ireland.