Economic tragedy is London GAA’s gain… to the Irish Times:

GAA clubs across London, some of which were struggling to field teams in recent years, are reporting a major surge in the numbers of young Irish men and women joining. National insurance figures compiled by UK authorities indicate that thousands of Irish-born people have registered to work in recent months. And, for the first time in years, support groups such as the London-Irish Centre in Camden are being contacted by young economic migrants in need of emergency assistance.

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  • Peter Fyfe

    At least it has not affected the saffrons tonight. Magill who is an antrim dual player was playing for them earlier in the league as I beleive his work was in london.

  • CW

    I wonder if it’s any coincidence that London had their first league win for a few years last week over Waterford. Hopefully they can go from strength to strength with this influx of talent to the UK capital. Club and County sides on the old sod will no doubt feel the pinch, but the turf of Ruislip can only benefit.

  • Tochais Si­orai­

    The clubs are often struggling because they don’t put enough effort attracting second generation Irish or non-Irish kids or if they have, these are often pushed into the background when better plaers from irealnd arrive ont he doorstep. When the latter return home as happened in the 1990s the clubs are left high and dry.

    I remember a London club bringing over 5 Kerry U-21’s for the London Championship in the early nineties. They were all gone home within six months and the players they displaced didn’t tog out the next season. That sort of situation was replicated in loads of clubs