Annual student riot even worse than usual…

THE annual St Patrick’s Day riot in the Holy Land area of Belfast’s student quarter seems to be even worse than usual. The Beeb has some video here, and there have been 12 arrests. It’s being reported that police were called to the area after a car was vandalised and a number of students threw cans and bottles at them.
Here’s an interesting extract from Shane Boylan’s flyer when he ran for Student Union VP at Queen’s.


  • TwilightoftheProds

    You are tipping your hand Rory – they were indulging in abuse and sectarianism that supposedly disgusted him – not reciting the proclamation of the republic or emmetts speech from the dock – don’t tell me all that sticking of lunchboxes under the drivers side was really a manifestation of sectarian hatred and not the action of a peoples army. Tsk Tsk!

    But anybody any info on this?

  • USA

    Rory (South Derry),
    Are you a contortionist? For your opinions are twisted.

  • Rory (South Derry)


    I just totally and UTTERLY HATE PSF!

    The Twilight Prod is only being humoured

  • TwilightoftheProds

    Bloody Hell. Did some googling.
    [scroll to bottom]

    [scroll down]

    Is that the same Brian Gillen?

    If so, that is madcap. Lets simply build a wall round the holy land. Its Mad Max territory now.

  • Rory (South Derry)

    If it is Ha ha – POOR CARROT TOP! (And he is a relation of Sean “Spike” Murrays)

  • Jimmy the Culchie

    Some craic hi. You guys are jealous yas missed out. Suas the Ra!!!!! Mother F**kers!!!

  • TwilightoftheProds

    Jimmy the Culchie.

    Here in Belfast we spell it ‘mother fuckers’. Culchies however have got the actual skill down to a fine art.

    I’ll give you that, sunshine. I’ll give you that.


  • me arse

    Pricks, there is more than one Brian Gillan in the north and this lad is not the one you think he is!! Bets your posts are taken down by the morning?? Rory take a chill pill dude you are way too tense and I would imagine an embarrassment even to RSF

  • Rory (South Derry)

    Me Arse

    You are talkin out of yours!

    It was the same Brian Gillen

    Now go to bed you silly little Provo!

  • TwilightoftheProds

    Me Arse – go on spill, how do you know? but spell the lads names right!

    Still if its coincidence fair enough – bit flukey (both Belfastmen and south Belfast to boot I think) but there you are.Stranger things have happened.

    Although the fact that even an ordinary republican ex prisoner gets freaked out about the sectarianism of the students is freaky enough. Lower Ormeau is not exactly a zone with a history of terrific community relations.

    At least the students arent getting grants anymore. I’d hate to be funding this.

  • picador


    Twas not me who was taking the piss out of John. I prefer to take the piss out of Rory (South Derry).

    The Wolfe Tones should play a free gig in Botanic Garden next year. Rory could back them up on his banjo. I heard that he does a really good version of the Deliverance theme. Continuity Warfield could play the other banjo.

  • picador

    Most people over this side of town – north Belfat – seem to call it the Holylands. I used to get my dope from crusties in Carmel Street. Now I buy it off Sammy Morse.

    Ok, I just made the last part up.

    Ever tried ganga, Rory?

  • uuj really sucks big time like you know like

    “Surely criminal activity is an issue for the police, and not anything to do with the university itself.”

    Correct you can expel a guy for letting off a fire extinguisher in a hall of residence but you can do nothing about someone who attacks bar staff in Newtownabbey.

  • Now I buy it off Sammy Morse.

    Wouldn’t recommend that, picador.

  • sb

    doesn’t the MP for south belfast own a lot of the property in the holyland, and rent the houses out through agents to students?

  • Sean Mc

    Yes I heard that the MP does own a good few houses in the area.

    There is to many students crammed in to that area. Landlords are turning houses into flats and charging a fortune.

    I’m not saying in anyway the so called riot should have happened. Just more ahs to be done to improve the area and allow families to life in peace.

  • Salem

    I dont think we can blame one landlord for this situation – there has been concerns growing for years about the planning for HMOs and flats in this area. Around 1square mile there is something like 6’000 students. Thats insane ! The fact that there are 4 bedroom houses that have been made into 5 or 6 bedroom houses.

  • Sean Mc

    I live on Carmel street in a three bedroom house with average sized rooms. Some how are neighbours house has 6 people living in it. The rooms are tiny and they are paying way more than us for the house. I can’t blame our landlord for wanting to sell up after our house was broke into three different times.

  • dunreavynomore

    Jimmy the culchie

    “Suas the Ra!!!!!”
    So you didn’t learn any gaelige in Belfast. (seems like you didn’t learn english either, judging by your post) O.K, but do you want chips with that ra stuff along with the sauce.
    p.s, I don’t think you’re even a real culchie, I think you’re a jackeen in drag.

  • Chier Faisant

    Does this sort of thing happen in Notting Hill?

    Otherwise it seems it is
    for the undeveloped part of Ireland.

  • John Q

    I love the way its called the annual riot. Didn’t see any riots last year?

    Doesn’t even look like a riot.

  • fourwinds

    The riot used to take place outside Renshaws.

  • John Q

    Riot or just a lot of people in the one area? Never seen a “riot” outside it when I lived there.

  • the original sam maguire

    “..and they looked really inbred, but please don’t tell me they’re from Gortin, I have a bit of a soft spot for Gortin. Start of the nicest drive in NI (from there along the Central Sperring Scenic Route to Draperstown). ”

    Unfortunately Sammy, with the inbreeding, all signs point to Gortin. However, I wouldn’t be too despondent, just start your drive in Greencastle – a much more civilised and refined people. However, I would suggest a brisk 34mph through the Gortin speed limits towards Plumbridge, the speedcops will understand your hurry providing you aren’t too wreckless.

  • just start your drive in Greencastle

    Well, if you’re doing a daytrip from Belfast, the best way is to go out through Pomeroy and Greencastle, nip into Omagh for lunch, then back through Gortin and Draperstown. But are you sure you aren’t a wee bit biased there, sam? 😉

  • Sharks Rule!

    * Astronauts deliver urine system

    Obviously these were Astronauts in training and they were taking the subject matter of the urine system.

  • Comrade Stalin


    What was dumb about your original contribution on this matter was your chastisement of those referring to the place as “Holylands” with an “S”. The fact that you can cite a couple of articles that refer to it without the “S” is irrelevant; lots of people refer to it that way. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to describe it.

    And a lot of these things are generational. My parents think that referring to the “Lower Falls” is using some kind of colonial designation invented by the Brits (like “Londonderry”), yet you’ll hear that term used everywhere, including by the Sinn Fein councillors who represent it. The City Council and DoE are trying to popularize terms like “Cathedral Quarter” and “University Quarter”. None of these terms are right or wrong, and anyone who makes an issue out of it is a bit of a cock really. Well, either that, or they’re a US citizen.


    I used to get my dope from crusties in Carmel Street. Now I buy it off Sammy Morse.

    Last time I heard he was rolling up old shredded copies of Alliance News and selling them as spliffs. A good cure for tribalism.

  • Modernist

    Where the hell were the police when loyalist thugs were shouting abuse and throwing miisiles at a peaceful protest against a military parade?

    A few students have a street party and the police go out of their way to turn up the ante.

  • JC

    You can that a riot, remember the good old days when riot was done right.

    Catchy tune to go with the rioting.

  • la verita

    Jaysus, Irish people, wakey wakey! It´s a fashist state man, I mean WTF, they re bloody being well behaved really for a million drunk people…

    Ask yourself this? Was this a riot?

    Why were the Riot police there?

    What does this do?

    This is the stealth of Nazism, and Nazsim does not mein Sieg Heil, people it means a gestapo police force. First they came for…and I did not speak out”

    Well, start speaking out, fight this fashism. It is down the police gun´s that turns us into Aushwitz

  • USA

    Comrade Stalin,
    At least I provided links to support my position. It’s known LOCALLY, that is by LOCALS, as the Holyland. In case you missed the key word I will spell it out for you again, LOCAL.
    The dumb thing about YOUR response is …..well….your response.
    Now go change your diaper if you are going to be so childish.

  • Holylands Local


    I come from the Holylands/Holyland – it’s referred to by locals as either.

  • Soviet Air Force

    The students should have learned that if you want to block streets and legally drink illegally in the streets you need to wear a bowler hat and a collarette.
    I mean these are supposedly our best and our brightest yet knuckledragging muck savages can manage to do so.

  • USA,

    you need to stop referring to your country as “the USA”. Any Americans I have met refer to it as “the U.S.”, and I have lots of internet references to back me up. I am so right and you are so wrong.

  • BBRS

    Bring back renshaws! this would never have happened had it been opened on St Paddys day. They would have all been coma’d on 3 for a fiver in shaws and not on the streets….

  • USA

    Sammy Morose,
    Yes I am aware there are several acceptable names for the US, such as The US, America, The States, USA etc.
    I use the nom de plume USA, you do understand the difference don’t you?

  • Ulster McNulty

    People are saying North Belfast Beware cos UUJ is expanding up here – forget the riot police – these people wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the Waterworks.

  • Beannachtai na Feile Paraic oraibh.

  • PaddyReilly

    There’s a lot of strange things going on in this clip but none of them seem to be rioting by the students.

    @ 0:37 a female student is being prevented from getting into her house and shouts “I live here! I live here!”
    @ 1:35 a student politely asks to be allowed to re-enter his home;
    @ 1:52 a (male) policeman pushes a (male) student into a house and seems to use the occasion to feel his bum;
    @ 2:06 two students seem to be performing a strange sex act in the street;
    @ 2:13 a student with a silly green wig is being manhandled by the police.

    Does anyone else see these?

  • Ex-Belfast

    Everyone from the country are rich catholics with no morals.

    Everyone from belfast are poor hard working families.

    Thats what I get from everyones posts here.

    Belfast will never change. Everyone sterotypes everyone else. Glad I got out of that dump, full of narrow minded dicks!

  • culchies

    Everyone from belfast are

  • Hi,
    I lived in the Holyland for 18 years. It’s worse than you think. Have a look at my blog for background.

    Alan Murray

  • picador


    I had a look at your website and I think you do your argument no favours by repeatedly tarring all students with one brush.

  • James

    Alan your a tit and I’ve told you this on a number of occasions.

    Your blog is pure crap. You wish you were from Mid-Ulster with rich parents like me. I know I’m a bad person cause of it. Awell.

  • Bruce Watsin

    There is no beauty here, just the stench of wine and beer.

  • Jeremy

    I see yesterday’s New Year celebrations went all right all over the “province”. Why cannot you treat all major celebrations like New Year’s?