Lurgan GAA Club Cancels St Patrick’s Parade

The Belfast Telegraph has a quick round-up of where “the Guinness and green beer will be flowing” today. Not mentioned is Lurgan where, amidst a concerted effort to play down the capabilities of republican paramilitary groups, the local GAA club has cancelled the St Patrick’s Day parade.

In a statement, the club said the “scenes of violence and destruction in Lurgan and Craigavon within the last seven days have created considerable anxiety and concern within the local community”.

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  • Yokel

    This seems a bit disappoitning.

    Is there a possibility that someone felt that it could used as a front for trouble and that jsut wasnt worth it?

  • Blinding

    I would like to wish everyone a happy St Patricks day except murdering dissident republicans

    Could some one give them doubles of Strychnine for all our benefit

  • Rory Carr

    Great! The Continuity IRA by its action last week and its supporters’ actions since have now advanced Irish unity to the point were a St Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled out of public safety concerns.

    Who knows if they continue with this progress backwards into the dreary past we might yet get to see their supporters and TUV supporters re-stage the Battle of Clontarf while the rest of us get to watch and egg them on.

  • dunreavynomore

    We had a good start to St Patricks day in Sth Armagh when the ‘Good I.R.A’ stole posters erected by the family of Paul Quinn, ira murder victim, from Cullyhanna. The posters had been up for over two weeks but others erected in the Crosmaglen area on Friday last were stolen that night by masked men driving a van with no number plates.Those included two posters at the bottom of the Quinn family’s lane. Hearing that there were others in Cullyhanna obviously hurt these ‘good ira’ men’s feelings of self worth. What hypocrites, what ‘traitors’ to the people of Ireland, What a tribute to St Patrick from these ‘patriotic gangsters.’

  • dunreavynomore

    Should have said that this theft/vandalism occured in the early hours of St Patrick’s Day and that some of the posters were beside St Patricks church and St Patricks G.A.A. grounds. Great tribute to Ireland, peace and St Patrick from sinn féin and the ‘good’ ira.

  • Paul


    Get a towel have a good cry and then how about not blaming everything on SF, next time designate unionist and get over it all

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Yeah, just because a bunch of ne’er do wells put up posters doesn’t mean it is true.It’s obvious that the Provos didn’t do it because they didn’t exist. I know this because one of their people was murdered by druggies in Dungannon and they did nothing about it.

  • hartshill


    you’re a real gentleman or lady, whatever the case may be. Surely, republicans never do any wrong (like jean mcconville, northern bank. etc) and that applies particularly to the sth armagh provos who never admit their deeds, (charlie armstrong, gery evans to name but two) who do you think is stealing the posters apart from the supportersv of the murderers of Paul Quin and they are the IRA. Paul, I know it’s difficult for you but I am a republican who actually believed the provo leadership for many years but got sense. i don’t ‘blame everything on Sinn Fein , only their offences)

  • Paul

    I don’t know hartshill perhaps people tired of being tarred with the same brush of an unproven conspiracy theory?

    Nah silly me the whole community EXCEPT the provos fully back the Quins and their conspiracy theory

    Damn who knew South Armagh was 95% provie no wonder it was a no go area

  • Paul

    Besides which what the hell does this thread have to do with the Quins? Its about the sad state of affairs the dissidents have put the north

  • picador

    What hartshill and dunreavy no more are engaging in is called ‘whataboutery’. The wish to distract from the sad state of affairs that the dissidents have created in Lurgan by harping on about some alleged Provo misdeed.

    I would venture so far as to suggest that neither poster could give a toss about Paul Quinn or any other victim of the Provos. And quite possibly they’re not too concerned about the likelihood of armed republican fanatics creating future victims.

    Am I right boys? (prepares for incoming)

  • cynic

    A mature and sensible decision by the GAA.

  • Gerta

    Pity they didn’t cancel Belfast as the Proud Sons of Erin are now trashing the Holy Land (again).

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Ah just as well for most nordy folk just can’t hold their liquour at all….. for the rocket fuel goes straight to their wee brains and triggers the violence department.

  • brendyboy

    This story has been totally misrepresented and the real reason the parade did not go ahead was there were that the PSNI informed the local GAA clubs that there were loyalist threats with recognised code words that Children would be shot if the GAA clubs took part in the Lurgan parade which is organised by the local St Peters GAA Club