Colin Duffy questioned about Massereene murders…

THE Beeb and PA are reporting that Colin Duffy is one of the three people being questioned about the shootings of two soldiers last weekend. The Lurgan Mail reports that his house is also being searched. Duffy, a hate figure within unionism, was jailed but later acquitted of the murder of a UDR member in 1995. Duffy had also been charged with the June 1997 IRA murders of community police officers John Graham and David Johnston in Lurgan – the last policemen killed by republicans before this week. The charges were dropped, and it transpired a witness was a loyalist gunrunner. Recently, he has been a spokesman for republican group eirigi (pictured here at a recent protest against the Belfast homecoming parade for UK troops). In December, it was claimed by an anonymous security source that he had had an affair with murdered solicitor Rosemary Nelson, which has also been strongly denied.

  • Harry Flashman

    I have no sympathy for Dominic McGlinchey, he got everything that was coming to him with knobs on, furthermore I have no idea what his wife had been involved in or what led to her murder. I can be a callous bastard at the worst of times and I have mellowed a lot over the years but even back then I was thoroughly sickened at the nature of her killing.

    To blow the head off a woman as she is bathing her two little boys is an act of primeval savagery that is beyond human imagining.

    The thought that one of those little boys might ALLEGEDLY, repeat ALLEGEDLY, have grown up to be involved in doing something similar to those two young lads in Antrim in support of the same vile, loathsome, stupid, fascistic cause that led to the horrors inflicted on his mother, himself and his brother twenty years ago staggers me and leads me to wonder is there any hope for human decency in this God forsaken place.

  • picador

    Despite their militancy the McGlinchey’s both died at the hands of people who had once been their comrades.

    The weight of being the orphaned child of such a ‘legend’ must be immense.

  • Lurganite

    They’re burning cars and shit at the entrance to Drumbeg in Craigavon now.

  • slug

    Why are they doing that?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    These protectors of Republicanism believe in burning their own estates. Yeah, that sounds good.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Let them live in their own swallow, they created it.

  • Lurganite

    Good question slug, the police are leaving them to it, I’m sure they’re catching up on some sleep after a busy week. The numbers there now are very small compared to the usual numbers rioting so it’s some sign of progress I guess.


    One of the main fears for CPP teams when guarding VIP’s is that one will throw a caustic substance in the VIP’s face. As what occurred to the Business Secretary Lord Mandelson hit in the face by activists with green custard, which could have easily been an acid.

    You know what happens when acid comes into contact with steel. That is one of the issues in regards to intifada’s acid being thrown during street protests.