Was the car used to transport the Omagh bomb bugged?

A new document lodged with the High Court has emerged suggested the Omagh bomb car was bugged. The source of the allegation, Panorama reporter John Ware, says the claim wasn’t included in his TV investigation as he “was not satisfied that the source who told me this was in a position to actually know that information”. Too inconclusive, but not implausible.The relevant passage reads:

[4] In a further affidavit on behalf of the plaintiffs it is contended that the Security Service and/or PSNI Special Branch have in their possession a recording or recordings made of transmissions from a covert listening device placed in the maroon Vauxhall Cavalier car used to house the bomb transported to Omagh on 15 August 1998 together with transcripts and notes relating to that recording. The basis for that belief is a conversation with Mr Ware who indicated that his inquiries revealed that some individuals in the relevant authorities had read transcripts that appeared to include telephone conversations of the bombers in the car that were one-sided. It was further alleged that those conversations stopped at the time the bomb was detonated.

  • Wilde Rover


    Condolences to the policeman’s family.

    Hugh Orde,

    “I think these are disparate groups, badly infiltrated and indeed many awaiting trial north and south of the border.”

    What does “badly infiltrated” mean?

  • Dasilva94

    From the context, badly for them.

    No badly enough obviously.

  • Wilde Rover


    “From the context, badly for them.

    No badly enough obviously.”

    Placed in an historical context it would suggest the possibility of “infiltrators” involved in recent events.

    It wouldn’t be without precedent.

    Cool heads are required on all sides to prevent things from spiraling out of control.

  • picador

    Today is a good day to bury bad news Gonzo.

    I didn;t see the Panorama on Omagh but if this is true it is nothing short of sensational.

    Is it possible that we are being manipulated once again?