“the best judge of how I address that community..”

Brian’s already noted some of Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, MP, MLA, statements on the Today programme. But the Guardian’s Andrew Sparrow adds Adams’ response to criticism of Sinn Féin’s clinical, belated, response to the weekend murders. Apparently, “The Sinn Féin statement was totally and absolutely unprecedented” [Historic, even.. – Ed].

“We have been very successful at how we have brought the broad republican community to where we are. I have to be the best judge of how I address that community.”

[Gerry knows best? – Ed] Indeed. Although there are alternative views..
Adds As I mentioned in the comments zone to the linked post above

Odd use of “deliberately” in the sign-off question in Eamon’s otherwise very good analysis.

The obvious answer to the question posed is that the Special Reconnaissance Regiment were requested by Orde because he needed their specialist counter-terrorism knowledge since his own police service has been reduced in its own capability.

And he didn’t tell the Policing Board because he either didn’t trust them not to leak that information and/or he knew that if that information was made public it would undermine Sinn Féin’s efforts to portray those other republican paramilitary groups as criminal.

He’s canny, politically, like that.

And from what we can tell, if Vincent Kearney hadn’t reported it, no-one would have known about it.

That Sinn Fein want to portray those other republican groups as criminal, in order to justify their opposition to them, is merely another attempt at revisionism on their part.

Not to mention part of an ongoing battle for control..