Three strikes and yer out, Irish pirates..!

THE Irish mainstream media doesn’t seem to have covered (as far as I can tell after a quick Google) the story about how illegal file-sharers south of the border face being cut off the internet. Eircom is the first ISP in Europe to cave into the music industry, by agreeing to shut off any user’s Internet connection after it gets a third accusation of copyright infringement. A campaign against the move has already started. The move comes as the case in Sweden against the Pirate Bay ends, and it is revealed that Swedish police have busted one of PB’s servers, the largest of its kind in the country.
UPDATE: New video.

  • Dave

    Oh dear… I imagine that Irish law firms will love this one. Being denied access to the Internet by an ISP and on the arbitrary accusations of third-parties and being denied any right of defence or appeal is utterly reprehensible. I wonder what will happen in areas where there is no alternative supplier to Eircom? A business that is disconnected on that basis would surely have a valid claim for compensation for any losses it suffers. What about all those mom-and-pop businesses who sell online? Will they be cut off without warning? I can see a lot of kids being banned from Internet use at home just in case… and else their parents will which ISPs (which they should do to punish Eircom).

  • The Marooned Ben Gunn

    Ooh! Arr! Would moving to Donegal be the answer?

  • Tolby

    What is it with the Irish and obeying the law?

  • Tolby you’re clearly of a different generation.

  • Harry Flashman

    So Eircom is cracking down on the little people sitting at home downloading the latest twaddle produced by overpaid pop stars at the behest of people like the multi-millionaire property developers and tax evaders of the Irish pop industry.

    Classy, real classy.

  • wild turkey

    ‘Classy, real classy. ‘

    Harry Flash, totally off topic but your comment reminded me of the Nolan sisters.

    On your substantive point, it is the funadmental remit of the state,especially in these fraught times, to ensure an adequate income stream for the ‘scum also rises’ class. If the ‘little people’ of Ireland get fucked, so what? T’was ever thus. Eircom are just button men… or zipper lickers.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Surely it is a straightforward matter of Irish internet users moving to a competing ISP ?

  • Secret Squirrel

    Unless your computer is seized and examined by computer forensic experts at the time of an alleged offence the offence is, in my opinion, unprovable.
    Copyright infringement is a civil thing; not a criminal thing.
    The dudes investigating copyright infringment will find it somewhat difficult to examine any computer system if the owner forbids it. I can’t see them getting warrants of that nature for a civil prosecution. If an ISP divulges your details for a non-criminal prosecution, they’re breaking certain privacy protection laws ( I believe – though I stand to be corrected.)
    If you have a wireless network at home or work, there is no law that states, or even suggests, that you should secure that connection. Don’t they do it at airports and at some coffee shops ? You can find loads of open wireless network connections in any city. Furthermore, that WiredEquivilantProtocol that’s supposed to secure these wireless connections is not really that difficult to break into given the right tools.
    I reckon all this hype about the Labels cracking down on pirates is a load of old scaremongering crap.
    (I am not a lawer.)