“The relationship is not only special and strong..”

The simple fact is that, in order to be the first European leader to meet US President Barack Obama, Gordon Brown had to travel to the USA this week. Regardless of the circumstances. Otherwise he’d risk competing for headlines with Taoiseach Brian Cowen and that soon to be destroyed “lovely bowl”. [Of ‘hopeful’ shamrock? – Ed] Indeed. It’s a month-long celebration now! Apparently.. Well, they do all share the hope that the current crisis will be short-lived. As long as everyone gets their priorities right.. and nevermind the “very fragile position” of the banking system.. Adds The Guardian’s Politics blog links some US coverage of the meeting.

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    Barak looked bored as if he was forced to go through with this nonsense, which he was. Brown has been tainted by his Chancellor role over the last 10 years and Obama knows it in the current world economic malaise. He has previously voiced his strong unfavourable opinions on the treatment his father and his family received at the hands of the British in Kenya. He is NO fool and went through the emotions here with Brown going so far as to remove the bust of Churchill in the Oval Office. He REALLY doesn’t like the British and fair play to him. His change on the St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock handover spoke volumes, Bush made it a quiet lunchtime affair, Barak is making a nightime party of it AND Reg Empey, Trimble & the Tories think they are going to change the Executive when they get into power??? HA! HA! HA! Complete and utter bollocks! Barak & Hillary rule!

  • Plastic Paddy

    The President knows that Mr Brown’s days in Downing Street are numbered.

  • Greenflag

    ‘The President knows that Mr Brown’s days in Downing Street are numbered. ‘

    I would’nt hatchet the count until he chickens and Brown apart from his early days when a general election was contemplated he has’nt ‘chickened .

    As this economic crisis continues Brown is probably the safest pair of hands to have at the helm of SS Britannia and all who sail in her 😉

    The Tories just like their Republican soul mates in the USA have nothing to offer in terms of concrete solutions . Brown imo appears to have a real grasp of what it will take to turn the corner .

    He may not benefit politically from the eventual turning but I would’nt count him out just yet . This crisis was 25 years in the making and it will take a new international financial agreement and concord between all the major trading nations for a solution to work . Both Brown and Obama seem to me to be on the same page in that regard .

  • ulsterfan

    Barak really did say there was a special relationship between USA and GB citing common language ,culture and legal process and to show he was sincere he even said his mother’s family came from Britain.
    So much for the Irish connection.
    He is a Brit admirer at heart.

  • Iano

    Would you acknowledge BiffO origins?