Quote of the day

And the award goes to.. the patriotic Independent Senator Joe O’Toole [No relation – Ed] defending ministerial trips abroad during St Patrick’s Day Week Month

“We need our people abroad,” he said. “Never was it more necessary to promote our economy abroad, and if that means going over there and sloshing horrible-tasting green beer, shaking hands with the ancient order of this, that or the other thing or meeting the various brotherhoods then so be it.”


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  • The Third Policeman

    Loved the quotation (my A level history teacher used to ate us alive for using quote as a noun) but I don’t get the relevance to the patriotic link. Care to enlighten Pete?

  • Pete Baker

    Don’t worry unduly about the patriotic link, TP.

    It’s neither here nor there..

  • Big Maggie

    “St Patrick’s Day Week Month


  • wild turkey

    And just what is the ministerial sales pitch in the states gonna be? ‘Think you guys are fucked? What about us in Dublin?’

    If go they must, can’t these self-serving ‘ministerial’ fuckers just at least save some taxpayers money and use a one-way ticket? A shame Ryanair doesn’t do a flight to DC ( or Boston, or NewYork, Philly, etc. etc.) via the Bermuda triangle. Sorry, hold that. Wait until hurricane season later in the year.

    thanks maggie, I mis-read month initially and assumed it said St Patricks Day mouth.

  • Harry Flashman

    Lesson one on how to insult your hosts before you’ve even arrived, if I was the Ancient Orders or Brotherhoods I’d tell him to get stuffed.

  • Greenflag

    “St Patrick’s Day Week Month”


    Time for reform of the Gregorian Calendar it seems

    Dec – Christmas Shopping Month
    January – Valentine Preparatory Month
    February – Real Valentine Month
    March – St Patrick’s Month
    April – Easter Egg Month
    May Unemployment of Labour Month
    June – Orange Preparatory Month
    July King Billy Month
    August Derry Apprentice Month
    September Black Preceptory Month
    October Ghost and Ghoul Month
    November Month of the Living Dead

    wild turkey,

    ‘Think you guys are fucked? What about us in Dublin?’

    Overheard in Dublin

    ‘Think you guys are fucked ? What about us in Latvia ? 😉

  • USA

    As usual, when you read the whole statement it is not as bad as it is initially portrayed. I must say however the quote given is highly offensive to the Irish in America who have contributed greatly to Irish culture, the Irish economy and the Irish peace process over the years.
    If Senator O’Toole or Green Party representatives are ever visiting Philadelphia I will be sure to pose an embarrasing public question concerning his views about Irish America.
    Thanks for the heads up.