Fianna Fail crowd sourcing policy in the Dail?

About face it is then. Brian Cowen has just re-iterated in Leaders Questions, that the purpose of his ‘supplementary budget’ will be to keep the public deficit down to 9.5%… No sign of a date for it other than before, as JL Notes, April Fools Day… In the meantime, other than the Government’s bust books, he wants to see the Opposition’s plans before he shows them his… Using the Dail as a smart mob… Clever, but not exactly how the parliamentary system was designed to work…

  • Driftwood

    In Dublin at the weekend we were the only people in a grafton St restaurant, lunchtime on a Rugby international, it didn’t look good.

    “Part of that Government amendment states, ‘notes the Government decision today to announce further necessary measures by the end of this month to ensure the stabilisation and sustainability of the public finances’. What are these measures? What decisions were taken by the Cabinet today?”, demanded Enda wearing the wary expression of a man who was smelling a large rat.
    The Taoiseach rose to his feet. The forthcoming figures, he informed the tense House, were “disappointing”.
    No, Taoiseach. Brad Pitt’s new film is ‘disappointing’. Ronan O’Gara’s kicking in Croke Park last weekend was ‘disappointing’. A €2bn hole opening up in the public coffers — a scant nine weeks into the year — is more akin to adjectives such as catastrophic or calamitous.