“Fingers crossed”, indeed.

You wouldn’t know it from the ministerial press release, but what the Northern Ireland Finance Minister, the DUP’s Nigel Dodds, actually announced in the Assembly today was that the administration “of all the talents” has a current over-commitment of £63million. Perhaps he could mention that figure in the discussions with the UK Treasury.. Below the fold the UUP’s David McNarry makes it £75million, by adding another £12million over-spend on capital projects. That’s on top of an estimated £1billion shortfall in anticipated revenue – from such things as the abandoned Workplace 2010. Best summation of the day to BBC NI’s Jim Fitzpatrick – “We live in hope..” [What is that ticking sound? – Ed] “Fingers crossed”, indeed.

Northern Ireland Finance Minister, the DUP’s Nigel Dodds, tells Assembly of the NI Executive’s £63million over-commitment.

In the Stormont Live studio, the UUP’s David McNarry makes it £75million. On top of an estimated £1billion shortfall.

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  • Elvis parker

    Poor Nigel just cant up it seems. Easy to slag people of Doddsy not so easy to do a job of work

  • Toby

    Yes, much better to be like McNarry and make wild accusations just to get yourself on television.

    The £75m overcommittment refers to 2008-09 and should be more than matched by departmental underspend whilst the other parts of his £1 billion list have either been addressed already or refer to future years.

    The problem with this nonsense is that it obscures and prevents real debate on issues such as water charges and the civil service equal pay claim.

  • ArchiePurple

    Elvis and Toby….are you two back-room spin doctors for the DUPes….Doddys is an over educated fool….has to be as he’s in the DUPes. Roll on the EU election when we Jim trounches that useless missus of his!!!