“Nice” IRA men chaperone actor

After the controversy surrounding the last film luvvie to tell us about the IRA, I suppose it should come as no surprise that another actor from the film “50 dead men walking,” Jim Sturgess has told us that some of the ex-IRA members he met “…were genuinely nice, passionate people.” He goes on to tell us “…it was a thrilling undercover ride, really. We would go into these pubs that we would never normally be allowed to hang out in, but because of who we were with we were vouched for. I would definitely not do that as an average citizen visiting Belfast. So it was exciting, becoming part of the city — or at least pretending to. Soaking it all in.” Maybe Mr. Sturgees has been captured by the “romance of the rebellion:” I wonder if he should visit some of the places where these “passionate people” committed their acts or visit some victims of these people’s “passion.” I suppose most likely this is simply nonsense to try to promote the film: the fact that it is pretty offensive nonsense will be unlikely to affect Sturgees.

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