Limavady uniforms

Limavady Council famed for its “audit” of unionist symbols is back in the news as some of its employee have refused to wear a new uniform due to its bilingual (English / Irish) logo. Ulster Unionist councillor Edwin Stevenson said the council should abandon its policy of putting its logo in Irish on all council property whilst Francie Brolly has the following statement on the Sinn Fein website:“The placing of the Irish language on the logo of Limavady Council was done so in the 2001 and 2005 term as an issue of equality. No objections were raised at that time and the logo is present on council property and vehicles.
Recently the logo on the council uniforms was updated to standardize the boroughs imagery. This is no threat to anyone or their identity. The two languages on the logos are representative of the people on this island and should be seen as such.
For a small group of workers, roughly 20 out of 170 employees, to register their protest is their prerogative however it must be stressed that the logo is inclusive and holds no political connotations. To believe this to be so is mistaken and I am happy to meet with those council workers who object to Irish being on their uniforms to hear their position.”

Sinn Féin councillor Cathal Ó’hOisín said it is a matter of equality.

“The draft policy is currently out for equality impact assessment, and consultation work is going on and that will continue through the month of March. We’ll look then at what the reaction is and the impact that it has had,”

It is unclear how enthusiastic the workers will be to meet either Mr. Ó’hOisín or Mr. Brolly.

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