Robbo and Marty last on Obama’s invite list for St Paddy’s, or just snubbed..?

PRESIDENT Obama has (finally) issued an invitation to Taoiseach Brian Cowen for the annual White House bash on St Patrick’s Day. But will any leaders north of the border be attending the jolly? Only one other foreign leader seems to be in Obama’s White House diary for March, and there’s no information on OFMDFM’s website at the time of writing. McGuinness and Donaldson were in Washington last year, but will the Assembly be represented in the new president’s first year? Probably just the new administration’s teething problems, but you never know. It’s certainly not the kind of thing you’d expect Marty and Peter to keep under their hats.

  • Perhaps President Obama should invite all county council chairpeople too?

  • wild turkey

    Well, in his inaugural speech President Obama did say;

    ‘the time has come to set aside childish things.’

  • inclusive

    Brian Cowen should not have a monoopoly over St Patrick.Why are we in Northern Ireland not represneted at the ceremony of shamrock giving to the President,lets hope it’s different this time as we can expect change from Obama.St Patrick belongs to us all North and South.The St Patrick’s cross used to fly on Orange halls in the 30s ,the practice only stopped with De Valera’s crusade to hijack St Patrick during the early years of the Free State,lets see some inclusive celebrations this year with Unionists represented at the Oval Office .

  • 0b101010

    So, for once, they might be forced to actually spend St. Patrick’s Day on the island it has come to celebrate instead of falling over themselves to be paraded, with their caps in hand, as little token Irishmen?

    Why don’t they invite foreign leaders to come to Belfast and Dublin instead?