Tory-UUP love-in about to spawn first employed wonk…

COULD the rapport between the UUP and Tories be growing? Even before they reach final agreement, the parties are advertising for a Northern Ireland Campaign Director, who will report to their Joint Committee, “focusing primarily on the European Election Campaign, the selection of candidates for the General Election, preparing for and executing a General Election campaign for Northern Ireland”. With £35k (from which source of funding, I wonder!) for the successful candidate, it looks like the UUP/Tory relationship is moving beyond first base and getting down to some awkward fumbling. (Hat-tip: Grainne’s twittering).

  • frustrated democrat

    That’s been on their NI web site for a few days now. White smoke must be imminent or perhaps in this case blue.

  • The “fumbling” had better be pretty good if this relationship is to work.

    Yesterday, we were treated to pictures of the most repulsive smacker from Gordon Brown on Angela Merkel.

    If the kissing is as bad as that, the relationship is doomed.

  • Extraordinarily-broad job-description for the role! Why, specifically, is one individual tasked with the selection of candidates for the General Election? My observation, of all political complexions, is such a personage is quickly the target of resentment from the foot-soldiers.

    It certainly seems to owe more to CCHQ models than the usual NI approach. Is that the way things are going?

    Could it be that the job is derived from the Lynton Crosby prototype? Except, of course, seventeen weeks of Crosby cost the Blasted Boris campaign for London Mayor some £140,000. Perhaps the Ashcroft largesse doesn’t stretch as far as it did. Or just that NI ranks as small beer in the Tory vineyard.

    Can “wedge politics” be far behind?

  • frustrated democrat


    One person is not tasked with the selection of candidates that is for the joint committee. The ‘selecting’ is assisting the joint committee as an employee.

    What it says futher down is ‘identifying’ potential candiates, i.e. those that might consider running for office but are not currently actively involved in politics.

  • SW

    Though it still seems as though Lady Hermon isn’t buying in to the new ‘love-in’. She’s just signed EDM 428 against part -rivatisation of Royal Mail. That aligns her pretty much with the old Labour Left.

    In further political cross-dressing, Nigel Dodds has signed the motion too. Maybe they should hook up together… a sort of left-wing Unionist party.

  • As part of the job a Target seat programme!
    Belfast West here they go.(Conservative 1885)