Qué caradura! Indeed.

If you were wondering where former Taoiseach, and blank-cheque-signing former Finance Minister, Bertie Ahern was as financial matters hit the fan, in Saturday’s Irish Times Miriam Lord provided the answer – Honduras.

This public-speaking lark is turning into a nice little earner for the small to medium enterprise that is now Senor Bertie, TD SME, who must view his substantial Dáil salary and pension as little more than a sideline. Mind you, if he’s so good, why isn’t he helping out back home? For while Bertie drags the mouldering carcass of “El Tigre Celta” around to heavily indebted poor countries such as Honduras (for a fee), the people of Ireland are trying to deal with “El Burro Celta” he left in its place. We can only hope he didn’t “volcar la tarta de manzana” by telling his Central American audience that “los tiempos de boom se hacen mas boomier”. Qué caradura! (Or what a neck, as they say in Honduras.)