Workplace 2010 terminated

Workplace 2010 had already run aground with the government adminstration’s handling of the scheme being described by Sir Richard Needham as “an absolutely disgraceful saga of political and civil service failure.” Today’s reported announcement by a spokesperson for the NI Department of Finance and Personnel, therefore, shouldn’t be a surprise – “Termination of Workplace 2010”. [Any word from the Minister? – Ed]

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  • Driftwood

    Will anyone be held to account for another scandalous waste of money? Will they hell.

    The press release is meaningless public sector speak shite. Aimed at a placid, subservient media, trebles all round!

  • The Impartial Observer

    Not really surprising, the whole thing had become a complete and total farce. I don’t think there’s any real political damage for the Executive over this as this had been dreamt up under direct rule so Robinson and Dodds can use the defence of “It wasn’t my idea M’lud!” Heads should still be rolling in the senior civil service though, (well we can dream can’t we?!) the state of the NICS reform programme is truly shocking, all the big programmes such as this and HR Connect have run into serious trouble and have gone way over budget. Apparently the Planning Service’s new computer system has also gone way over budget and won’t be ready until next year at the earliest, some 4 years behind schedule and it will probably be already obsolete! I was told that it was scheduled to go live in mid 2006 but it was stopped just a few weeks before going live because it was discovered that there was no provision for planner’s to do site reports, the most basic part of the planning application process! There was mention of this at Environment questions this week, to his credit, Sammy has apparently banged heads together in DOE and told them to sort it out!

  • The Serpent

    To quote DFP

    “We regret that wider economic conditions have prevented the conclusion of the Workplace 2010 contract. It simply does not make sense to proceed given the decline in property values and the difficulty in securing finance. Unfortunately these issues are outside the control of the Department and the bidders”

    Complete and utter bollocks !

    A pisspoor attempt to attribute the demise of Workplace 2010 to global market conditions. The whole scheme from the outset was economically inept nay corrupt and verging on the insane railroaded by the morally bankrupt Strategic Investment Board.

    This was potentially going to be the most wasteful project in the history of the Northern Ireland Civil Service and despite massive internal opposition from NICS staff it could easily have gone ahead were it not for the double whammy of the merger of the two remaining bidders and the commercial property price slump.

    I wonder will the whole story on this ever see that light of day…….

  • The Serpent

    the light of day not that light of day !!!


    It gets better. The public service trade union NIPSA has organised a demonstration for this Wednesday (25/02/09) @ 12.15 pm outside the HR CONNECT offices in Belfast City Centre (Linenhall St/Donegall Square North junction). From what I hear NIPSA and their members have lost TOTAL confidence in this private bodies ability to run public sector payrolls and annual leave entitlement. 100’s of low paid public sector employees have been vastly underpaid in their salaries since November 2008. Others have been overpaid and have been left with large arrears in future salaries. It really goes from bad to worse but will anyone within the senior Civil Service have to face the music? I don’t think so. HR CONNECT was warmly embraced and introduced by the Executive a year ago in a fanfare of publicity. Oh dear, some answers required there as well.

  • The Serpent

    HR Connect

    HR Connect……… the heart of the model are NICS employees and line managers who will be supported by a Shared Service Centre (SSC) delivering transactional human resources covering payroll, resourcing and employee relations. Underpinning the delivery of this model will be an integrated ORACLE Human Resource (HR) system which will provide a single source of HR data across the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) and enable the delivery of high quality HR management information. The SSC will deliver layered services……..

    ……..the programme’s change strategy will create this environment by building willingness and capability to use HR Connect through communications, stakeholder management, training and departmental support…..

    …….The Board thanked the HR Connect team (Fujitsu) for their invaluable input to the meeting and Mr H. emphasised the full support of the Board for this important part of the NICS Reform Agenda, which would impact positively on all staff.

    Just a few snippets above from over two years ago and dont mind me if I suggest that since then there have been a few slips betwixt cup and lip………..

  • Fed Up Civil Servant

    HR Connect –
    It is a waste of £465 million. For 3 months Civil Servants have been paid wrongly. One person in the CSA received a pay slip that said the person was getting paid NIL. After this person tried to query it they could not get through on the phone to an advisor. Is that acceptable? It certainly is not. I bet Nigel Dodds is paid and his chums.
    Workplace 2010 –
    Yet another expensive project that was deemed for failure from the start. Nigel Dodd’s didn’t have the bottle to stand up and tell us. Instead he hammered out a statement through a spokesperson. Why did DFP tell people they didn’t know it was going to merge when they knew it would? Why are senior civil servants who earn between them £60 million a year given bonuses when the offices and equipment are not fit for purpose.
    Strategic Business Review of the Social Security Agency –
    At a time when more people are claiming benefits Margaret Ritchie is planning to dispose 500 staff. Yet she won’t admit it. Again the offices are out dated but the big wigs are earning £70000 to £100000. Also staff in the west of the country have to do a round journey of 80 miles to work. To make efficiency savings the back office processing centres are to be reduced. In some areas to make efficiency savings new offices are to be built each costing £5 million. Where is the sense? How can savings be made? What about the new benefit centre ESA. Only this week figures showed that on average 1000 telephone calls from customers are lost as there is not enough staff. Regarding the Strategic Business Review all parties including SDLP oppose it yet Ritchie is determined to ignore it and waste more tax payers money.
    When will we ever get a good politician?

  • The Impartial Observer

    “When will we ever get a good politician? ”

    Whenever the sheep get up off their backsides and start voting for candidates on their ability and ideas or just not voting at all!

  • Fed Up Civil Servant

    The Impartial Observer

    I asked – When will we ever get a good politician?

    You rightly said “Whenever the sheep get up off their backsides and start voting for candidates on their ability and ideas or just not voting at all”
    How true. People should go the polls and vote on the best candidate not the party or with green or range visors on

  • Peat Blog

    I was told that it was scheduled to go live in mid 2006 but it was stopped just a few weeks before going live


    You are correct and the invites to the launch of ePIC were even sent out. The launch was cancelled at the last minute never to be heard of again.

  • The Impartial Observer

    Oh it hasn’t died Peat Bog! It’s still being worked on. The plan now is to implement what is intriguingly called “the baseline solution,” i.e. a stripped down bare bones version because the original was far too complex to be workable.

    Planning Service staff I know are very angry about the millions that have been blown on this system. A possible sign of how potentially embarrassing this is for DOE was that the previous Chief Executive of Planning Service, who had been in charge for most of the project, was suddenly moved last February, and when I say moved he was practically bundled out the back door of Millenium House one Friday afternoon! This is something the NICS does regularly to senior managers who have blown it, move them quickly before it becomes public knowledge! This is something that the Public Accounts Committe should be looking at urgently, it’s not on the same scale as HR Connect and Workplace 2010 but it is still a shocking waste of public money!

  • Peat Blog

    bundled out the back door of Millenium House one Friday afternoon!…

    …into another public sector job at a high level. Trebles all round!