“But I know Roland Burris..”

Blagojevich is long gone and it looks like the man he put in Obama’s place might follow him – take your pick of the articles here. But, having u-turned once on Burris – “But I know Roland Burris,” Obama added. “He’s from my home state. I think he’s a fine public servant.” – will Obama do the double? And I don’t mean the “second stimulus effort” he reportedly already “has an open mind” about. The Professor has some recent links including this, in particular, from John Kass in the Chicago Tribune who’s spent “more than 25 years studying the antics of Illinois political weasels in their natural habitat.”

First, there are two Chicago politicians who should get credit for Burris being in the Senate to embarrass everyone in Illinois. No, not just former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. He appointed Burris, but that’s not the whole story. I’m talking about two other Chicago pols: President Barack Obama. And Illinois House Speaker Michael “What Affidavit?” Madigan.

I know it is heresy to mention Obama’s name here. Obama’s legion of gentle Hopium eaters will become enraged, like flesh-eating zombies in a video game, and trade in their cakes of Hopium for the chance to gnaw on my rather large and meaty head. Yes, my head is quite chunky with meat, but facts are facts. Obama was the beneficiary of Burris’ lies.