“But I know Roland Burris..”

Blagojevich is long gone and it looks like the man he put in Obama’s place might follow him – take your pick of the articles here. But, having u-turned once on Burris – “But I know Roland Burris,” Obama added. “He’s from my home state. I think he’s a fine public servant.” – will Obama do the double? And I don’t mean the “second stimulus effort” he reportedly already “has an open mind” about. The Professor has some recent links including this, in particular, from John Kass in the Chicago Tribune who’s spent “more than 25 years studying the antics of Illinois political weasels in their natural habitat.”

First, there are two Chicago politicians who should get credit for Burris being in the Senate to embarrass everyone in Illinois. No, not just former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. He appointed Burris, but that’s not the whole story. I’m talking about two other Chicago pols: President Barack Obama. And Illinois House Speaker Michael “What Affidavit?” Madigan.

I know it is heresy to mention Obama’s name here. Obama’s legion of gentle Hopium eaters will become enraged, like flesh-eating zombies in a video game, and trade in their cakes of Hopium for the chance to gnaw on my rather large and meaty head. Yes, my head is quite chunky with meat, but facts are facts. Obama was the beneficiary of Burris’ lies.

  • kensei

    Having described the stimulus bill as “porkulus”, the writer clearly has an ideological bone to pick. The Democrats, Obama included, had an incentive to seat Burris after a short period partly to help their majority and partly to try and get past the bad publicity. So they did. It’s inconceivable the Republicans would not have done the same and promising to be more transparent doesn’t mean you get politically stupid.

    If any of them had have known they never would have seated him. The smoking gun is proving that link Pete. [text removed – mods]

  • willis

    “This is about the third shit thread I’ve been in you’ve put up, and you must have knocked up twenty in the last week.”

    Well I would not go that far but I think you are pushing the limits a bit.

  • NCM

    Is it just me or does it seem like Obama habitually lavishes praise on folks who later turn out to be lunatics or corrupt… almost as if an Obama seal of approval means a guy is surely a crook or a nut?

  • Plastic Paddy

    Easy lads, no need to get nasty.

    Speaking of John Kass, who is absolutely brilliant by the way, and Roland Burris, I was reminded of this video from early January, watch for Kass near the end:


  • Bedrosian’s Beard

    “Instapundit” is an idiot. Follow Andrew Sullivan’s hits on his hypocrisy. That said, Burris is even more of an idiot. Senate Dems were right to try and not seat him. Scumbag through and through. Anyone appointed by Blago is a problem. While it’s Obama’s old seat, this has moved away from being his problem.

  • 6countyprod

    Illinois political weasels

    So that must make Obama, Weasel-in-chief.

  • 6countyprod

    While we are talking about weasels – which have the misfortune sometimes of being classified as a rodent – have you all heard about Obama’s RAT Board that, apparently, ‘brings the worst aspects of the Chicago Machine to Washington DC’?

  • IRIA

    Sorry lads, but “Instapundit” and Kass are, of course, wrong:


    If Burris hadn’t been in the Senate, there would have been 98 sitting Senators. The threshold for waiving budget points of order and for invoking cloture — both of which came to votes during the stimulus debate — isn’t actually set at 60 votes. It’s 3/5 of the number of Senators chosen and sworn. Three-fifths of 98 is 59.

    Without Burris in the Senate, nothing changes in terms of the voting. Fifty-seven Democrats plus Snowe, Collins and Specter gets the job done. In fact, 56 Democrats — excluding Senator Kennedy, who’s been ill and didn’t vote on passage of the conference report — plus the three Republicans does the trick.

    Kass has that wrong, and everyone who’s citing him — Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, for instance — has it wrong, too.

    Keep trying!

  • Earnan

    what about the “We are a nation of cowards” bit from Obama’s new Attorney General

  • IRIA

    He was talking about race issues/relations and Americans ability to not talk about/afraid to touch the issue.

  • 6cp

    Mr Zero is going to keep giving and giving.

    First he tries to walk through a window, then he bumps his head on Marine 1, now he thinks that Iowa is the capital of Canada.

    What a petty so few journalists have the courage to mock him the way they mocked The Chimp!

  • 6cp

    Oh yes, another thing, I thought Obama was supposed to gain the USA more friends and allies.

    How in the world did he drop the ball on this one …losing a very important ally in Kyrgyzstan over a few dollars.

    Putin is already dancing rings around Obama!

  • Plastic Paddy

    Gov Paddy Quinn has called for Burris to resign.

    More from CNN


  • EWI

    In these recessionary times, we (the loyal readers) must hope that Mick will do his bit to ensure the secure future of Slugger by replacing Pete Baker’s position with an RSS news ticker in the sidebar, giving the “Professor’s” latest sage Mheh’s.

    This would, in fact, mean little change in the level of Reynold’s bullshit getting copy-and-pasted[1] into this supposedly Nord Iron-centric blog.

    [1] now there’s irony for you – given how Reynold’s ‘output’ itself consists of just cut-and-paste…