The Circle is Complete

In the first of two from Newshound today, Liam Clarke acutely observes the endorsement of criminalisation by SF at Stormont. Republicans have to laugh or they’ll cry – it does not get more farcical than this. Accuse Gerry Adams of having been in the IRA and you accuse him of engaging in criminal activity – so the party asserts. Didn’t 10 men die protesting that very label? “Ten men died to prove they weren’t criminals and now Sinn Fein is tacitly acknowledging that it was a crime to be in the IRA. I never thought I’d see the day,” says Richard O’Rawe. Read it and weep.

  • Pete Baker
  • file

    It’s no mroe hypocritical that the screammign demand from Unionist politicians a few years ago for the IRA to say the war was over: the saem politicians did not recognise it as a war at the time and thus opposed the hunger striker’s demands.

    It’s all a wee game of point-scoring now anyway….

  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood

    When two tribes go to war (or not in this case)
    A point is all you can score

  • IRIA

    file: you are correct. How quickly that is forgotten.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Standard DUP-NewsLetter-Stuff and Complete non story other than a possible alternative headline “Provos help DUP member to beat shit out of other DUP members.”

  • joeCanuck

    Rather an astute observation by Mr. Clarke.
    Unfortunately probably no one cares.

  • Joe,

    that is exactly right.

  • cynic

    And now Conor Murphy is unable to fund the Magilligan – Greencastle ferry because it “runs between two jurisdictions”.

    The war really is over. Status quo prevails and even SF are slowly admitting it

  • fin

    so ad nausum we’ve had unionists say the IRA are criminals, and when unionists accuse JA of been in the IRA they are fustrated at been admolished for accusing GA of criminal behaviour? go figure.
    This is not a million miles from cynics posting regarding the Magilligan Ferry, if CM had agreed further funding it would still be a whinge but from a different angle. No win, zero sum politics.
    Are republicans laughing or crying, laughing I think, unionism is finding it hard to move out of their comfort zone, ie paddy bashing, IPJs list of victories over SF where petty unionist centric issues, the constant carping at RC over education is sad as no-one else puts an alternative on the table. Meanwhile the DUP are been exposed as homophobic fundamentalists.
    I think SF are sitting pretty, for all the rubbish been spoken regarding SF failings the only election slogan the DUP have is vote for us to stop SF topping the poll, is that it………..

  • Comrade Stalin

    The war really is over. Status quo prevails and even SF are slowly admitting it

    I continue to be amazed by Conor Murphy’s lack of willingness to challenge his civil servants. His own department runs bus and train services between two jurisdictions, for a start.

    At least if he said “there’s no money” his political principles would be intact.

  • Oscail do Shuile

    ‘we have the video… Hee hee hee, hee hee…’ This is so unbelieveably petty. I see from your posts that your struggle is in full flow anyway Pete. Mick, i must say the site is descending more and more in to an adolescent anti-SF jibe-fest, which is a pity to see. It’s no shocker that Liam Clarke and Richard O’Rawe (!) chose to see it this way, but seriously, do you really think these actions by SF are anything other than purely tactical? They dont care if unionist MPs, the stormont Speaker, or losers like O’Rawe think they’ve sold out.

  • dunreavynomore

    O d S
    “They don’t care if …losers like O’Rawe…”

    indeed they don’t, they are quite happy as long as they have plenty of people like you with your eyes shut believing all the cac they throw at you including describing any republican who stands up for republicanism as a ‘loser’ or worse.