Sammy, the misunderstood genius…

LAST week, I pointed out the apparent contradiction between the DUP Anti-Environment Minister’s position on climate change and the DUP Enterprise Minister’s plans to create “green jobs”. The DUP has come down on the side of Arlene Foster, but it didn’t stop Sammy comparing himself to Galileo! Now he is never likely to stand trial in Rome, but at the moment, the world is definitely revolving around Sammy. The misunderstood genius added: “When you talk about scientific consensus you have to bear in mind that as things change, as people discover things, as ideas are found and new information comes to light then sometimes people are left looking very foolish.” True – so perhaps he should have a long, hard chat with the many Creationists in his party…? After all, didn’t Galileo prove the Bible wrong on several counts? The image of the DUP has projected recently was of a tight, disciplined, professional party. Now it’s in danger of looking like an atavistic tribe of throwbacks again.

  • NCM

    Has the DUP considered asking Sarah Palin to join it and run for office in NI under its banner? She’d be a perfect fit and would suit DUP supporters just right. She can be contacted at the governor’s office in Alaska if you’re interested; you’re welcome to her.

  • dundela1

    But it is a disparate bunch of throw backs leopards can not change their spots.

    If Sammy thinks Innocent energy saving Ads are a propaganda campaign what will he make of ensuring equality across the whole of the UK if Justice powers are given to them… oh yes sorry we know that from last years debates on The Sexual Offences Order

  • dundela1

    As for asking Sarah Palin don’t you think DUP members would be in Leviticus 11 territory?

  • abucs

    The 2nd paragraph of the last link –

    “Galileo defended heliocentrism, and claimed it was not contrary to those Scripture passages. He took Augustine’s position on Scripture…… ;

    kind of goes against the view that Gallileo ‘proved the bible wrong’.

    Also Gallileo – ‘The bible tells us how to go to Heaven, not how the Heavens go’.

    Also if you look at the inquisition Gallileo did not actually prove that the earth went around the sun. That was what he was asked to do and a split decision went against him on that.

    When asked at the trial by the scientists of his day (yes it wasn’t a bible orientated opposition by any stretch of the imagination) about scientific proof Gallileo couldn’t do it.

    There is a mindset with people that Gallileo was this independant free thinker (He was a Catholic with an uncle as a Bishop, a daughter as a nun and friendly with scientific societies dominated by clerics including priests, bishops and popes)

    and there is the mindset that in opposition were these silly church people waving bibles in the air and refusing to listen to reason.

    That is complete crap.

    They were the scientific establishment and all were having their different theories on the realitities of how the Heavens went. They were all using scientific thinking to promote their cases. Gallileo was following the Copernican ideas, the one that ultimately gained favour and was accepted, although Gallileo was not the one who originated the idea nor proved it.

    The inquisition discussed scientific thoughts of the day including tidal waves and stellar parralax and phases of Venus.

    Yes, religion (scripture) and state (ridicule of head of state) did impinge in the whole proceedings, but it was a different world back then and the playing up of that part of history and the removal of the scientific debate is agenda driven.

    On balance, the scientific evidence of the day was not decisively in favour of the Copernican theory. The fact that the inquisition took the form of a scientific debate seems to fly over the heads of most people.

    the idea that Gallileo ‘proved the bible wrong’ is a nice catchphrase but not historically accurate.

  • McGrath

    The Environment Ministers position on the Environment is about as valid as those of Mr Storeys on the history of the planet.

    DUP = Democratic Untestable Party

    Remember all that bluster on foreign investment a while back? Our plague of creationist and socialist ministers are a veritable repellent for foreign capital. It will be 50% unemployment and the fools will still be laughing at each other in our farcical assembly.

  • Some 30 years ago, maybe more, there was a book written called “the Ascent of Man”. There was also a TV series about it. The book was written by Dr. Bronowski. I had a copy of the book once and would love to have it now in order to write a proper comment here.

    From what I remember of what was said about Gallileo, one of the profound consequences of his treatment by the Catholic Church was that the bulk of scientific advancement which was to follow occurred in the protestant countries of Northern Europe. Isaac Newton was one scientist that I remember being mentioned here.

    The reason I say this is that there appears to be an irony from history itself. I was only able to observe this after some interesting facts were drawn to my attention by Catholic Observer who often comments here. When Darwin wrote the Origin of Species, most, if not all, of the recorded objections by the clergy during the period following its publication came from Protestants. There seems to be a connection between one of the tenets of protestantism (the supremacy of the Bible) and the objections to Darwinism. This tenet seems to have inhibited free thinking and open-mindedness amongst protestants as did fear of the inquisition amongst Catholics previously.

    Now moving onto politics, I have never been able to work out Wilson’s selective objection to the scientific consensus on global warming. I say “selective” because he has chosen to go along with dissenting scientists who are in a minority. Wilson is not a learned scientist. He has no credibility, authority, knowledge or qualification to reach a reasonable view about global warming on the basis of dissenting scientific opinion. He must have had an ulterior motive for chosing his view.

    So why did he chose his opinion? Could it be that he got spooked after being told that evolution and climate change go hand in hand?
    Wilson is a great laughing stock but I am to a certain extent still mystified.

  • Billy


    The DUP “in danger of looking like an atavistic tribe of throwbacks again”.

    Hardly a surprise – that’s what quite a few of their “leading lights” and a great many of their supporters are – especially the rural ones.

    Fair play to Robinson – he tries to keep the lid on but when even his own wife proves to be a major embarassment at Westminster, what chance does he have?

    I don’t know if anything will come of the UUP/Tory link up but one can hardly fault Cameron on his choice. He’s done a great job in modernising the Tory Part that he inherited.

    He was never going to damage that by associating with a sectarian party that encourages homophobia, xenophobia and flat earthism.

    The recent article in the Times gave a good indication of what a laughing stock the DUP are in Westminster – is anyone surprised?

  • willis

    Maybe someone could enlighten me but I’m not aware that Sammy is religious in any way. He never seems to make any reference to his church. If he worships anywhere it is at the shrine of St Richard Littlejohn, with whom he seem to share not only beliefs, but also a career journey. From left of centre to mouthy bar room expert.

  • Comrade Stalin


    DUP = Democratic Untestable Party

    I don’t see that one sticking. How about

    Don’t Undercut Paisley
    Democrats Undressed Publically

    (courtesy John McBlain)

  • Cap’n Bob

    When I saw the headline
    Sammy, the misunderstood genius
    I thought it referred to the Belfastman who skipped Mancheter United’s tour of the Far East to win a £10 bet.
    You live and learn.

  • scaramoosh

    Sammy’s environmental views are the by-product of his upbringing in a polar-ised (sic) community.

  • Buile Suibhne

    DUP = Darwin Under Pressure, Definatively Unevolved Persons, Deluded Unreconstructed and Prejudiced.

  • x

    the reason the DUP look like “atavistic tribe of throwbacks again” is simple because they are.

    Of all current NI political parties the DUP are the broadest amalgam of placemen available. There is nothing that holds them together other than miisterial cars, salaries and privileges.

    They have lilttle ideolgical base, their manifesto is largely a commitment free zone but where they have commitments i.e. on the environment, these are not binding on anyone – least of all their Minster.

    Throwback reactionary placemen – what you see is what you get or more critically what you vote for is what you get

  • Joe

    Having worked for some years in a job that involved dealing with vast piles of mail from loonies, I can say quite categorically that I have yet to discover a clearer or more reliable indication that a correspondent is a pig-ignorant madman than the presence of an implied comparison with Galileo.

  • Smug O’ Toole

    DUP Enterprise Minister’s plans to create “green jobs”.

    That’s discrimination. What about orange jobs?

  • In Soviet Russia

    The genius misunderstood Sammy

  • gerard.donaghy16

    to comrade stalin…. dup; democratic untestable party????? more like detestable and unfit party. the reason for all the indiscipline in the ranks, ie sammy wilson’s nonsense is that if robinson was ever capable of leading that lot, he wouldn’t have waited 29 years to take over. nieloran95