Ministerial code amended

There were some slight echoes of the heated debate over the Financial Assistance Bill Act in the Northern Ireland Assembly yesterday as the final piece of the jigsaw was slotted into place. That piece is a change to the ministerial code to introduce a requirement to bring “a proposal to make a determination, designation or scheme” to a NI Executive meeting for agreement. Full debate here. Of course, if the polit-bureau have agreed any further discussion risks being seen as moot..And the amendment to the ministerial code..

That this Assembly approves the following draft amendments, prepared by the Executive Committee in accordance with section 28A(3)(a) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, to paragraph 2.4 of the Ministerial Code:-

At end of sub-paragraph (v) delete “or”;

At end of sub-paragraph (vi) insert “; or”;

After sub-paragraph (vi) insert “(vii) relates to a proposal to make a determination, designation or scheme for the provision of financial assistance under the Financial Assistance Act (Northern Ireland) 2009”.