Gerry Kelly on Eames Bradley’s money

The BBC is reporting that Gerry Kelly has suggested that the £12,000 for relatives of victims proposed by Eames Bradley was a mistake. He is quoted as saying:

“In fairness to Eames-Bradley, no-one said that it was in compensation or anything like that,” said Mr Kelly.
“They said it was in acknowledgement of the suffering across the board. I think personally that it was a mistake. It’s easy in hindsight to say that, but clearly it was a mistake because it caused so much controversy. The real issue is that there has to be truth.”

Clearly some may feel that the Republican movement’s view of “the truth” may not be quite the same as everyone else’s. It is interesting, however, that Kelly has come out with this comment. The almost universal chorus of disapproval and indeed disgust which greeted the outcome of Eames Bradley seems to have damaged the whole report. I suggested at the time that the £12,000 might be a smokes screen to distract attention from other parts of the report such as the preparation for an amnesty and changes to rules on serious criminals getting employment.

Such was the controversy, however, that the whole report and indeed Eames personal position and respect within especially the unionist community was seriously undermined (in fairness as I had repeatedly suggested beforehand). It is possible that the £12,000 far from distracting attention from the other pernicious parts of the report will help sink the whole thing. Clearly there are many parts of Eames Bradley which would be of great benefit to republican (and indeed loyalist) ex prisoners. As such one wonders if Kelly is trying to suggest that the £12,000 should be dumped and hence, just maybe save the whole report.

Of course also on the report Jarlath Burn’s has not “put up” the names of the unionist politicians who supposedly supported Eames Bradley’s £12,000 proposal. Indeed he now seems to have “shut up” which yet further damages the credibility of the whole report.

  • William

    Kelly is right on this matter but I wonder does he equate the Prison Officer he shot and those he and his colleagues murdered with the likes of Thomas Begley [Shankill Road bombing] and Jim Lynagh [Loughgall]?

    Now that the Terrorists are rejecting the £12k, one hopes that the Eames/Bradley report will be ditched in total. There were other parts of the report that were also objectionable, such as the suggestion that the conviction records of terrorists be removed, in order to help them obtain employment. I doubt whether there are many employers who would wish to have murderers or bombers on their payroll. To me it is regrettable enough as a taxpayer, that we have them on our payroll in the Assembly and even more so as Government Ministers!

  • west belfast

    I wonder if you will ever come to terms that Republicans are your Ministers now.


  • veritas

    yes William, only one side suffered……theres more to this £12k than meets the eye…where any “party insiders” and I refer to SF here, aware of this or where they “secretly” asked their views? Was this a backdoor attempt to placate those within the Republican movement shouting loudly about collusion?

  • fitzy

    this process, like too many others, is being hijacked by politicians for political ends. its not about truth and reconciliation anymore… it’s a contest for who can win the biggest victim label. it’s as if the biggest victim will be able to morally justify any of their actions, given the other side must have been worse. sad state of affairs, as this could really have done a lot of good if it were given a chance.

  • dunreavynomore

    west belfast

    has west belfast(not you, the area) come to terms yet with having ‘ministers’ in a british sponsored and funded partitionist administration?

  • J O’Donovan

    Is this the same Eames who fronted the self styled Church of Ireland and wrote a series of books exhonerating himself and his death cult for the Holocaust they forced on the native Catholic Irish, the “aboriginals of this island” as one of his forbears infamously formerly said. If so, no one should give a flyin f-k what this gouty supremacist says.

  • joeCanuck

    Anything to add other than playing the man Mr. O’Donovan?