Garland bail application adjourned again

Former Irish Workers’ Party president, and current national treasurer, Sean Garland has had his bail application adjourned again and has been told that he must “submit a convincing case by tomorrow that he would not abscond again.” It’s also reported that Judge John McMenamin has requested Garland’s “passport, banking statements and the deeds to his home” and also asked to see details of “all assets available to both Garland and his wife”. The adjournment came after the judge was told, in response to his enquiry about electronic tagging yesterday, that the technology was not available in Ireland. More on the US attempt to extradict Garland on counterfeiting charges here. And former Workers’ Party member WorldbyStorm has some thoughts about the campaign to support Garland. Update 13/02/09. Garland bailed. Ordered to surrender title deeds to house, passport, and to sign on every day at local Garda station. Adds In addition, RTÉ reports, “The bail was subject to three independent sureties of €25,000 as well as €25,000 from Mr Garland.”