About Project Kelvin

On Stormont Live today a conversation which began on a PriceWaterhouseCoopers report on the Review of Public Administration, and how existing economic disadvantage for two of the new council areas will continue, turned into a single issue discussion – Project Kelvin. Despite being announced on 6th January it seems to be the campaign du jour – even Máirtín’s got involved. The turning point happened, coincidentally, when Jim Fitzpatrick asked Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson whether her party “must share responsibility for increasing the disparity if that’s what happens.” [3min 45 sec in] The decision to set the landfall station at Coleraine was, apparently, a commercial decision by Hibernia Atlantic who already have a network in Ireland, see also their PR YouTube channel, and was also agreed by the Irish government. You can see their point in the proposed network map [pdf file]. There was also a reference by Martina Anderson to an underwater cable making landfall in Wexford and being connected to a telehouse in Dublin. From what I can tell that could be a Global Crossing connection to England. But Hibernia Atlantic use a transatlantic network previously owned by 360Networks and, according to company who designed that network, it’s landfall is in Dublin. [4] ANYhoo.. That conversation is below the fold. Here’s DETI Minister Arlene Foster warning the NI Assembly yesterday of concerns among the companies involved about the complaints.
On Stormont Live Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson and the DUP’s Simon Hamilton on Project Kelvin.. and other matters..