“our party’s policy is that the Bill is necessary.” – redux

One interesting point of the Northern Ireland Environment Minister, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson’s views on man-made greenhouse gases, including CO2, and their contribution to climate change is that he is in opposition to the NI Executive, which is fully signed up to the UK Climate Change Act, and he is in opposition to his own party, which supports the Act. But he wasn’t opposed to the extent that he claimed during the studio discussion with Green Party MLA Brian Wilson on Stormont Live today. When challenged on his opposition to his party’s line Sammy Wilson told Martina Purdy – “I spoke against the Bill. I voted against the Bill.” Well, he’s half-right. According to Hansard, neither at the 2nd reading, nor at the 3rd and final reading, did Sammy Wilson MP ever vote against the Climate Change Bill. Which was pointed out on Slugger at the time. [clip below the fold]
Here’s the NI Environment Minister on Stormont Live.

Adds It’s also worth noting this point from the BBC report.

Sammy Wilson argued that the Scottish executive had objected and stopped the adverts being broadcast. However, the Scottish executive told the BBC the reason it did not run these adverts was because they are already running their own climate change adverts.