It’s about time Adams ‘fessed up…

AS Twittered earlier by the DUP, Nelson McCausland was chucked out of the Assembly by his party colleague, Speaker Willie Hay, earlier today. While I don’t always see eye to eye with Nelson, he has provided evidence suggesting that Gerry Adams was in the IRA. Now I know this is an old debate and one many republicans view as irrelevant, but with the release of the Eames-Bradley report and its proposal for paramilitary groups to come clean, and Adams’s own calls for truth, isn’t it about time that Gerry just admitted it, as many, many others have since membership became de facto decriminalised? Wouldn’t it bolster the process of reconciliation in the long term, even it meant criticism in the immediate aftermath? I mean, what is he so ashamed of? Maybe not having to lie any more would be a weight off his shoulders, and it would certainly make him appear more credible when he calls for the British Government to admit its own failures.

  • Guillaume

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