Gregory Campbell hosts Tyrone GAA

The Culture Minister Gregory Campbell hosted the victorious Tyrone GAA team at a reception at Stormont yesterday. Whilst he congratulated the team on winning the All Ireland Championship, he also in characteristic fashion did not avoid controversy. Campbell told the audience:

“Progress has been made and leadership has been demonstrated,” – a reference to the dropping of the GAA’s controversial Section 21 rule, barring British security force members from its clubs.

“However, my views and the views of many are that further action needs be seen to be taken if the GAA is to position itself to play an even greater role in helping to improve community relations.

I would encourage the GAA along with the other sporting bodies in Northern Ireland to continue the good work which they all have commenced and I want to see sport recognised for what it is, without any connotations or linkages, that have been perceived to be a cause of division in the past.”

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