PM Post…

Sunday Business Post: Central players in the old conflict are still players in the new dispensation.

Derry Journal: Has the romantic Republican dream finally died?

Belfast Telegraph: Republican sources accuse dissident Republicans of being criminals…News Letter: On the want of an Opposition at Stormont

News Letter: Loyalist peace broker dies

Irish Times: Ian Paisley and the Late Late are a perfect match


Sunday Times: Republic takes on €24 Billion pound risk in big two banks

Sunday Business Post: Republic is now fighting for its reputation for financial probity

Irish Independent: Keeping unions inside the tent may be Cowen’s best play

Sunday Indpendent: God bless the second Irish Republic?

Irish Examiner: Reform needed to prevent wealth Irish criminals claiming legal aid

Sunday Times: Conor Cruise O’Brien: It is, I think, in the nature of prophets to be prickly, awkward, angular, contrary in every sense

Irish Examiner: We jumped-up Paddies need more than cheap sneers from the British


Irish News: where exactly does the GAA stand today in Irish politics?

Belfast Telegraph: Rory McIroy scores his first pro tournament win


Glasgow Herald: Business leaders want grand coalition approach to budget problems

Scotsman: SNP and Labour to talk about budget ‘deal’ tomorrow

Scotsman: The Greens are tired of being pushed around


The Times: Big Tory leads returns as Cameron shows his true Tory colours

Daily Telegraph: The week Labour lost the next election

The Guardian: The first stirrings of an anger that is bound to grow

The FT: Gordon’s journey from bounce to bust

The FT: Europe’s central bankers’ folly: “the logic of a driver who refuses to brake when confronted with a potential accident for fear of losing traction”….


The Australian: Who said it wasn’t a global recession: Aussie tax revenues collapse. Kevin Rudd on the deficit

New York Times: On the dangers of a bungling lemon socialist bailout

The Nation: Can the market system be made to serve us?

Washington Post: The war in Afghanistan is not going well

Dissent: We are finally emerging from Ronald Reagan’s shadow….

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