“And who makes the decisions on this..”

Also on the Politics Show was Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Paul Goggins, MP, who had some interesting, if non-committal, things to say about the Consultative Group on the Past’s report – focussing on the Legacy Commission. And, if you are looking for dishonesty, I wouldn’t worry too much about the target apparently identified by Jarlath Burns. Look instead in the ‘uneven’ direction indicated by Mick’s Guardian post – also here on Slugger. [But it’s easier to simply pony up stereotypes – Ed] Indeed. Also mostly relevant is the Sunday Business Post article by Tom McGurk, where he provides an answer to a question posed by Susan McKay some time ago – “if our new democratic institutions aren’t strong enough to withstand the truth..” From the SBP article

Despite what Lord Eames and Denis Bradley may say about the need to unravel the past, the reality is that, for pragmatic political reasons, such an unravelling is simply impossible. In the meantime, what the Eames/Bradley report is offering is both a subterfuge and a substitution for a Truth Commission.

Of course, it’s not the institutions themselves which are not strong enough.. but rather [some of] the parties within them. Hence the reported need for “political expediency”. Anyway, here’s Paul Goggins on what happens next..

The full interview is available here.