Now to demonstrate what we mean by anti-social behaviour……

Every now and again, you think you’ve seen it all. Then this: Police at a community meeting in Mayobridge had their squad car set on fire while delivering a talk on anti-social behaviour. Apparently they had been invited to discuss a rise in thuggish behaviour in the area and were on the direct receiving end for their troubles. One would have hoped for a little better from the denizens of Mayobridge, but then again is anyone safe these days?

  • wild turkey

    ‘Every now and again, you think you’ve seen it all. Then this’

    Cheeses K Reist where will this all end?
    The Newry Sainsburys carpark?

    MissFitz, on sound advice I had always believed that being the epitomy of good manners and breedingis, anti-social behaviour would not be a problem in dainty Down?

    Wrong again.

  • joeCanuck

    I know it’s bad of me but I laughed at that. Oh the irony.

    More irony; code word is “evidence”

  • Cnocnafeola Commmunity centre?

    Cnoc na Feola, by God. There aren’t too many Irish-language names surviving fully intact like that.

    Cnoc na Feola. Echoes of an ancient Common Agricultural Policy by the sound of it.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Seems there’s an element in our midst which still doesn’t like the PSNI. Why would that be?

  • wild turkey

    ‘we would urge Nationalist and Republican youth throughout South Down to continue to reject the RUC/PSNI as a legitimate police service.’

    Nevin, thanks for Halloween 2008.

    In all probability the incident refered to by MissFitz was performance art expressing outrage at continued British occupation and oppression.

    oh yeah, what’s the difference between ‘genuine’ fear and standard issue fear?

  • WT, perhaps it’s also the gestational consequences of this:

    06 April 2007 – A PSNI patrol car was attacked by a group of youths with glass bottles in the Saint Anne’s Park estate in Mayobridge. The patrol car recieved major damage during the attack.

    07 April 2007 – Two PSNI land rovers were attacked by a group of youths with glass bottles on the Newry Road outside the Lisbane Park estate in Mayobridge. One of the land rovers recieved minor damage during the attack.

  • Newton Emerson

    This just in:

    Press Release/Preas Ráiteas

    Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach

    Republican Sinn Féin
    Teach Dáithí Ó Conaill,
    223, Parnell Street
    Dublin 1, Ireland

    Sinn Féin Poblachtach
    Teach Dáithí Ó Conaill,
    223, Sráid Pharnell, BÁC 1, Éire

    For immediate release

    For confirmation contact:
    Richard Walsh (Publicity Officer) on
    07835 620 592 (Six Counties)
    087 261 8603 (26-Counties)


    The Joe Conway Cuman of Republican Sinn Féin in Newry congratulates the spirited youth of Mayobridge and Attical in their resistance to the presence of British Imperial Police in their local community hall.

    “Despite the best efforts of the RUC and their Provo supporters to ‘normalise’ British rule in the Six Occupied Counties, the local youth have once again demonstrated that policing here is anything but normal. In fact it seeks to enforce British rule in Ireland. While that role continues resistance will also continue,” said a spokesperson.


  • Miss Fitz

    That’s a wind-up right?

  • Kathleen

    No it’s not a wind up. I got one too…

  • The joker

    Isn’t it desperate so it is

  • The joker


  • Driftwood

    The revolution ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.
    Mayobridge and Attical are tiny hamlets in the mournes. Sheer boredom would have been the primary factor. Ach well it’ll be good craic, the tale of derring do in the pub tonight, for the fathers of the boys involved.

  • Newton Emerson

    Nobody I work for will let me use the phrase “political paedophiles” so I hope Mick won’t mind me using it here. It’s the only way I can think to describe grown men who salivate creepily over “the youth”.
    Still, I suppose it’s progress of a sort from RSF’s obsession with that teenage lad off the X-Factor.