Hugh Orde beaten for Metropolitan Police Commissioner

The BBC are reporting that Sir Paul Stephenson is to become the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner. He and Hugh Orde were the final two names on the short list to replace Sir Ian Blair who resigned saying he did not have the support of Boris Johnson the new London mayor.

  • josephine

    oh joy! oh bliss! now he and adams will be joined together like siamese twins for eternity! what a perfect pair.

  • picador

    I am surprised he didn’t get it. He comes across as a political animal. I imagine he must be feeling sick right now.

  • Driftwood

    Frank Bunting should have got the job. The best guy we ever had over here, could have done an even better job on the mainland. But politics is not about getting the best person.

  • Mark McGregor


    A senior policeman that can’t even hide the fact he is f*ckin about and fathering children to a ‘lover’ really expects to be in the running?

    Get real. He was a caught out as a lying adulterer. that doesn’t come up even though he omits it from the CV?

    And while we may be for forgeting it here I assume it is a career destroyer in the world of being above it all and Mr Honesty, top real cop, jobs world. I reckon his dick cost him the job and for one that waved it so openly I’ve even less sympathy for him than a ‘normal’ cop.

    And just in case I ain’t put that clearly enough, fucking around cost him the job imo.

  • Mark McGregor

    Panel: Mr Orde are you honest?

    Mr Orde: As the day is long

    Panel: Mr Orde would you ever lie

    Mr Orde: No I would tell the truth within operational reuirements at all times

    Panel: Mr Orde would you ever lie to benefit yourself

    Mr Orde: Never

    Panel: Next.

  • iluvni

    Has Boris given his approval to Stephenson yet?
    Lets hope not.

  • … could have done an even better job on the mainland …

    Um, Driftwood, Britain is an island too, you know. The job was for London, not the continent.


  • Cushy Glenn

    RUC 1
    PSNI 0

  • Seimi

    ‘Hugh Orde beaten for Metropolitan Police Commissioner’

    That was a bit extreme – couldn’t they just have said ‘no, you didn’t get the job’?

  • Comrade Stalin


    Get real. He was a caught out as a lying adulterer. that doesn’t come up even though he omits it from the CV?

    Mark, exactly what business is it of yours or anyone else who an individual sleeps with, and with whom they choose to share the details of their relationship ? Can you explain precisely why you feel these matters are in any way relevant to any kind of job interview ?

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    It seems Mr McGregor is rather upset that he didn’t get the job… that must mean it’s a good thing for the vast majority of folk living here who don’t fanatically follow gutter Republicanism.

    I like Sir Hugh Orde, whilst he has had his problems he hasn’t been afraid to call a spade a spade. Also to his massive credit he now governs over a Police Service with cross community support, not many people could have brought those changes which were so entwined in society here.

    However I would like him even more if the PSNI quit closing all their stations down here…

  • Comrade Stalin

    FYU, I like Hugh Orde as well. I also liked Flanagan.

    I don’t mind the PSNI closing their stations if doing that can help to redeploy officers to reduce crime. The PSNI have a bigger challenge at the moment than the transition from the RUC, and that is about how they’re going to provide policing services efficiently on a peacetime budget.

  • RepublicanStones

    Comrade, I would have to agree with Mark. His tinky winky may have cost him the job. Whilst he cannot be officially denied the post because of a roll in the hay, its pretty obvious that its a post which requires a whiter than white character. Not only in the police services interest, but Downing St, whilst not a political appointment, you can be sure would also want a Mother Thresea with a trucheon. Whilst it may be nobodies business, it became everyones common knowledge, therein lies the problem.