Eames and Bradley meet Gordon Brown

Robin Eames and Dennis Bradley (who were controversially appointed co-chairs of the Consultative Group on the Past) have shown the report of their group to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The BBC are reporting that Eames Bradley “has met more than 100 individuals and groups in the last 18 months. It has also received more than 250 written submissions.” It appears that the 2061 letters opposing an amnesty for terrorists may have been conveniently ignored by Eames Bradley: they were certainly treated rather dismissively a year ago. Eames Bradley claim there will be no amnesty for terrorists. I have always been extremely dubious of that claim (though I suspect there will be a weasel worded way by which they can pretend it is true). Ironically I see that Gerry Adams is also most dubious about Eames Bradley: I suppose in his case it is for fear that Eames Bradley might be interested in more than the quarter truth process to which he seems willing to subscribe. Either way as I have argued before, if Eames or Bradley thought honestly about the nature of their task they would have realised a long time ago that their group is not fit for purpose.

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