“There are tens of millions of people across the globe..”

The International Representative for West Belfast has been sketching out the details of his future world tour global campaign for a united Ireland, no dates or locations yet – “Sinn Féin will be inviting Irish-America to discuss with us how we can advance a united Ireland campaign . . . Our intention is to engage with the diaspora and seek to marshal its political strength.” [Adds Cuckoo, cuckoo..]. Meanwhile, in the Belfast Telegraph, Eamonn McCann offers a timely corrective to some perceived ‘common knowledge’.

But a united Ireland, the stated aim of the struggle, was never sine qua non. The shift in the line of Sinn Fein towards acceptance of the legitimacy of the Northern State did not come about by visionary leaders coaxing reluctant foot-soldiers away from war onto the path of peace, but, rather, by the party leadership bringing their policies deftly into alignment with the underlying views of their own rank-and-file as discovered by de Valera when he couldn’t win the Falls 90 years ago.

That’s likely to remain a problem for “a member of the British parliament [attempting to intervene] in the domestic political affairs of this State!”
The Irish Times report also mentions this little snippet.

The party also published a commemorative pack, to be sent to schools around the country, containing reproductions of the documents adopted by the first Dáil.

[Have they run that past the Department of Education? – Ed]