Dromore memorial may have to be demolished…

Despite Sinn Fein’s consistent public line that there is a pressing need for the most stringent equality legislation to protect minorities; it finds one of its own councils in a prolonged stand off with the Equality Commission over the siting of a hunger strike memorial outside the ruins of an old Church of Ireland church on the outskirts of Dromore, Co Tyrone. It only agreed to an equality impact assessement after the intervention of the Secretary of State. Now it looks as if the memorial never had planning permission in the first place and may have to be demolished. The Irish News reports:

Sinn Fein councillor Sean Begley said he felt that many Dromore residents would oppose the removal of the memorial. “Dromore has a very big nationalist and republican area,” he said. “Bobby Sands was an MP for the area and a lot of people would be very supportive of the memorial.”

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