That protest at M&S (warning: propaganda may be included)

Unfortunately I had my footage of Saturday’s protest in Marks and Spencer deleted at the request of the PSNI. As the general story has generated much coverage here and elsewhere I’m linking éirígí’s own video of the day. For those that want to skip forward, the M&S protest is at 5m50s (but there is also better footage than that taken by Slugger of the earlier protest in Castle Court)

ADDS: As this will be my final blog on this topic and I mentioned ‘propaganda’ I’ll add – at the organising meeting the rally organisers (Unions) requested that no party political banners were on display (I assume so Unionists didn’t feel uncomfortable). I saw banners and placards from SF, SDLP, Workers Party, RNU, IRSP, SWP and SP. The only group I can think of that attended and did comply with the request to keep party political displays away from the main rally was éirígí. Admittedy many groups didn’t bother turning up to the meeting so were oblivious to the request – step forward ….. (some just plain ignored the outcome of the meeting)

  • Intelligence Insider

    What a bunch of mindless, criminal thugs. They were there to terrorise and terrify women and children just like their criminal counterparts in the different ira’s. If everyone involved in this so-called protest was to die tomorrow it would be no loss to society.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Just imagine the rotters shouting and shouting loudly at poor terrified shoppers.A good dose of white phosphorous would settle their hash and their friends in the different ira’s.(sic)

  • m&s;

    I’m ashamed to admit that M&S;’s role in the Israeli economy was news to me. Thanks for the heads up guys.

  • NP


    “I’m ashamed to admit that M&S;’s role in the Israeli economy was news to me. Thanks for the heads up guys.”

    So you have never looked into the escapades of “Carlos the Jackal” ?

    i suggest a quick wiki or Google

  • m&s;

    Who’s been censoring my monicker?

    The eirigi protest was pretty inspiring. It’s comforting to know that youn people are interested in politics and are prepared to get involved.

    [see commenting policy – edited moderator]

  • veritas

    who in their right mind would gave any credence to those halfwits…
    that pathetic spectacle will really chill the spines of the powers that be in the Middle east..

  • 6countyprod

    ‘The eirigi protest was pretty inspiring. It’s comforting to know that youn people are interested in politics’

    What sort of politics are we talking here, Fascism? Nazism? That’s the kind of politics that were on display from the eirigi stormtroopers.

  • Intelligence Insider

    These eirigi bigots, who if you search for them on the aptly named youtube, are nothing less than scumbags. See if you can find them trying to light the Israeli flag outside the City Hall unsuccesfully. These are the type of idiots who stood outside Croke Park before the first England Rugby team visit there in celtic shirts waving placards about no British sports! They are brain-dead thugs.

  • Driftwood

    No banner from Eirigi’s inspiration, The Tooting Popular Front?
    The blogger assumes Unionists would be offended? No, most decent people of whatever background (mainly grammar school educated I grant you) would be luaghhable, indifferent or disgusted at the pathetic ‘protest’.
    I see tracksuits have replaced dufflecoats these days. Oh well.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    “Intelligence Insider”, when did you last protest against ANYTHING?

  • Intelligence Insider

    Pancho, as a democrat, I protest against things by voting.

  • J O’Donovan

    Israelis break the bones of Palestinians; part of standard operating procedure. One wonders if the Mossad soap sellers in Belfast did that when they served. Compared to the Israelis, even those who shop at Tesco are civlised. Well done the protesters.

  • Democratic

    I think the very fact that Mr O’Donovan supports the Hamas cause does more harm to it than any Israeli propaganda – perhaps that is the intention though I suppose….

  • cut the bull

    Fair play to the protestors its not as if any body was physcially injured during the protest. A few people may have had saturday shopping disrupted and had there eyes open to M&S;investment in Israel. Get real there are civilians dying both Palestenians and Israelis.

  • Jimmy

    Hilarious that google has decided to supply an advert for M&S;to me for this page… Well we all know what side the search engine is on now…

  • Wonderful to see Intelligence Insider back on the site as the defender of democracy.

    Must have gotten his job, and moved up the line with the intelligence services by being some kind of covert election agent, ballot stuffer, or poll watcher.

    Surprising that he has no support for the Palestinian masses in Gaza who voted for Hamas, and are now being hammered by the Israelis by denying them basic rights as the inhabitants of occupied territory; when Israeli solders, dressed up as Arabs, use Palestinian women and children as shields when they attack Hamas positions; and the IAF use bunker buster bombs when they take refuge in underground shelters and tunnels during raids.

    The number killed is far beyond what the muzzled Western press are reduced to claiming.

    II, hoping for yet another promotion from your overpaid bosses who are looking for anyone to cook up more alleged terrorist business to suppress?

  • Intelligence Insider

    Have you forgotten to take your medication again Trow, old chap?
    Israel is defending itself against continuous attack from arab terrorist scum. The Israeli response to Hamas attacks is justified, restrained and proportionate.

  • Garibaldy

    proportionate? 20 deaths from rockets over 8 years compared to how many Palestenian deaths?

    And by the way, your implication above that democrats only use the ballot box to protest shows a fundamental inability to grasp the essentials of centuries of British tradition for remonstrating with the Crown and government by other means, all of them perfectly peaceful, legal and democratic. Petitions, marches, protests by grand juries, corporations, councils, etc etc.

  • William

    The fact that so few Israeli civilians have been killed is down to the protection offered, i.e. bunkers….the reason so many people in Gaza have been killed is due to Hamas siting their rockets and other military within the urban areas, using mosques, schools etc as firing points and weapon storage areas.

  • William

    Is see that the Drawbridge has been raised yet again….when I’m in my 80s or near it, I’ll retire and leave the conspiracy theories to others.

  • runciter

    the reason so many people in Gaza have been killed is due to Hamas

    It is amazing how many people seem to believe that Hamas control the IDF.

  • Mayoman

    Runciter, it appears that people like WIlliam believe the Palestinians WANT to be shot. I suppose thats one way of soothing a tortured conscience!

  • barnshee

    Very poor strategy and tactics by protest movements involved.
    Arrival of shouting thug types in shoppinmg centre alienates shoppers screeching harridans add to negative effect. Bombers murderers current and former, should stay away. Unless of course the purpose is boost personal/group advertising.

    How to do it?

    1 Organise protest via Trade Union movement exclusively –no oter groupings to be headlined.

    2 PICKET israeli stall/ M&S;- hand out leaflets as customers approach REQUEST POLITELY FOR SUPPORT
    eg “Please do not shop here today”.

    3 Hand out requests for donations to charities which are active in Gaza eg

    4 Former terrorists and supporters stay away /low profile.

    5 Keep smiling keep it friendly do not intimidate

    The purpose should be to raise the profile of the underlying right of the Palestinian cause, the injustices perpetrated by the Israelies over 60 years and not least to RAISE FUNDS FOR THE PALESTINIANS.

    Failure to adhere to 1-5 above results in opening the N I divide and does fuck all for the poor benightedPalestians

  • Democratic

    Good post Barnshee!

  • Free Palestine with every M&S;purchase

    is that song from Team America?

    ‘and the bombs fell down like acid rain’


    Freedom isn’t Free…