That protest at M&S (warning: propaganda may be included)

Unfortunately I had my footage of Saturday’s protest in Marks and Spencer deleted at the request of the PSNI. As the general story has generated much coverage here and elsewhere I’m linking éirígí’s own video of the day. For those that want to skip forward, the M&S protest is at 5m50s (but there is also better footage than that taken by Slugger of the earlier protest in Castle Court)

ADDS: As this will be my final blog on this topic and I mentioned ‘propaganda’ I’ll add – at the organising meeting the rally organisers (Unions) requested that no party political banners were on display (I assume so Unionists didn’t feel uncomfortable). I saw banners and placards from SF, SDLP, Workers Party, RNU, IRSP, SWP and SP. The only group I can think of that attended and did comply with the request to keep party political displays away from the main rally was éirígí. Admittedy many groups didn’t bother turning up to the meeting so were oblivious to the request – step forward ….. (some just plain ignored the outcome of the meeting)

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