This isn’t a triumph of politics

I have always been a fan of Alex Kane’s writing but his latest opinion piece in the News Letter (reviewing Frank Millar’s book) is amongst his best. The whole article is here but this part caught especially caught my eye:To me, therefore, what we have now it isn’t about the triumph of politics. We have, rather, agreed to a two-peoples-one-state solution in which, I fear, we will continue to live apart and, consequently, grow further apart. It is turning into the triumph of the “us-and-them” solution, in which both communities will continue to return the same champions to battle over the same unresolved issues. This means, inevitably, that further down the line another generation of republicans will feel the need to lift the torch, up the ante and kick-start the “struggle.”

His rather pessimistic analysis is one I whole heartedly share. I very, very much doubt the conflict here is solved: it is being temporarily managed with less violence. To suggest that violence is gone forever is to ignore the lessons of our own history let alone that of the Balkans etc.

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