“we could pay up to a maximum of £3m..”

Northern Ireland Water have revealed that it will cost up to £3million to alter the £70million seven-year contract with the Xansa-led Crystal Alliance consortium for the provision of a customer billing and collections system for water charges – previously noted here. It was part of the recommendations of the 2007 review of water and sewerage services. It’s a small price to pay to allow the semi-detached polit-bureau to claim that they haven’t introduced an additional water charge – since it’ll just be itemised on the rates bills instead.. When they eventually get around to introducing increasing that bill..

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  • aquifer

    Billing and metering technology is getting better all the time, it will probably save money to drop this for the time being. Look forward to combined water electricity gas and oil metering using micro-radio, without a meter man in sight.

  • Pete Baker

    Except it’s not exactly being dropped, aquifer.

    The NI Executive, through NI Water, is, in effect, buying out the remaining 4 years of the contract from the consortium.

    Steria has another four years of a seven-year contract left to run.

    NI Water is to take over management of specialist sub-contractors but Steria will continue to carry out business services including IT support.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It sounds to me as if NI Water have realized that they can save money by cutting out the middle man and managing their IT projects by themselves. The upfront cost of this is high, but the principle of spending money to save money is a common one in the private sector as well.