“The case continues.”

Another snippet of information from the IRA extortion case noted yesterday. This time on the “two alleged victims [who] raised £6million using the name of the IRA” – and who cannot be named “for legal reasons”. From the Guardian report

Nick Mullen, 60, previously charged with being the “quartermaster” of an IRA active service unit, and Ronald McCartney, 55, who was convicted of attempting to murder three policeman, [allegedly] tried to extort money from two businessmen who the court heard were Sinn Féin supporters.

Adds From the Irish News [subs req]

The court heard the letters spoke of a “prolonged and intensive investigation” by the IRA which had established they had used the group’s name for “personal gain”. It referred to one of the businessmen having been “placed in a position of trust by the republican movement” and both then abusing it to raise the seven-figure fortune.

More From the courtroom today.

The businessman told the jury he was accused of using the IRA’s name to raise millions of pounds for his own gain.

He insisted there was “absolutely no truth” in the allegation and said he was left “completely devastated, shocked and confused… because for the last so many years of my life I had assisted Sinn Fein and had known many Sinn Fein members very well”.

He said he had become involved with the Wolfe Tone Society in London, described as a “support group for Sinn Fein”, after moving from Belfast to London in his early twenties.

His duties included “organising vehicles and commissioning drivers” for “senior party members and officials,” he said.