“Imagine saying a thing like that!”

The Irish Times report can’t quite bring itself to say the word, but no such inhibitions at the Guardian which also quotes “a leading Vatican official” calling homosexuality “a deviation, an irregularity, a wound” [an abomination? – Ed]. Indeed. As Malachi O’Doherty points out

When the MP Iris Robinson said that she found homosexuality an abomination she was pilloried by those of us who defend gays as equals and friends. Now the pope has said that ‘human ecology’ requires the abolition of homosexual activity. Nasty old Nazi. Imagine saying a thing like that! Pope Benedict has provided his critics with all the evidence they need that he is a throwback, except that you don’t get to throw a pope back to where you got him from; you are stuck with him until he dies. He tells us with from his wisdom that homosexual activity is something man has to be saved from, much as the earth has to be saved from the destruction of the rain forests. What offends here is not the recitation of the old teaching that same sex union is sinful, but the sense of proportion implied.

Of course, “the definitive emancipation of man from creation and the creator” that Benedict warns of is really Sir Francis Bacon’s fault.. natch.. Adds Others are questioning whether the pope said what he’s reported to have said. But although the original speech was only released in German and Italian, the BBC has translated extracts. And via Andrew Sullivan, here’s a reasonalble take on it at America: The National Catholic Weekly – “Although the pope didn’t specifically talk about same-sex marriage, the meaning was clear enough to prompt some unusual headlines about rain forests and homosexuals.”