“The work of the Commission continues..”

As RTÉ reports, following DNA analysis in England it was confirmed today that the human remains discovered last month in County Wicklow are those of 19 year old Danny McIlhone. Abducted, murdered and secretly buried by the Provisional IRA in 1981. Eventually, in 1999, the Provisionals claimed he had been killed in a struggle with the person who was guarding him during questioning about stolen weapons – which would imply that the leadership of that organisation know the identity of whoever was responsible for his death.. But with immunity for those “human rights violation[s]” sought, and granted, during The Process™.. The case of those disappeared by republican paramilitaries was the subject of a recent Assembly debate.

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  • KieranJ

    “The case of those disappeared”

    Does this thred have anything to do with the “disappeared” posting from Mark vis-a-vis his diary?


  • Pete Baker

    Not that I’m aware of. And I should know.

    Now, back to the topic.

  • picador

    Macabre stuff. It was initially reported that a boot containing a foot had been found. Was the rest of the body recovered? If not, will the search resume.