“his instructions were to enter a nolle prosequi..”

The trial of four men accused of Real IRA membership has collapsed at the Republic of Ireland’s Special Criminal Court today. They were arrested along with BBC NI Spotlight journalists in March this year. From the iol report

The State’s decision came after the court ruled that the initial detention of the four men when their car was stopped by a Garda Sergeant at Bridgend in Co Donegal was unlawful and that their subsequent arrest was therefore unlawful.

Meanwhile three men are being questioned after Gardaí in County Meath “found three firearms, a quantity [2.5kg] of Semtex, 500 rounds of ammunition and stolen property in two separate operations in the county.”Also on the first story, this from the Irish Examiner

Today prosecuting counsel Mr Patrick Marrinan SC told the three judge non-jury court that his instructions were to enter a nolle prosequi at this stage of the trial. This means that the State is not proceeding with the prosecution.