“reflective of the challenges facing the economy and aviation..”

Ryanair might be attempting a take-over at Aer Lingus, but they’re cancelling flights from City of Derry Airport.. despite all the public money spent preparing it for sale.. According to the spokesperson for Derry City Council – who own the airport – in this report, “This is considered temporary and reflective of the challenges facing the economy and aviation, in particular.”

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  • aquifer

    Should’ve spent the money on faster trains for the Derry line, with a stop at the international airport.

  • Don’t treat the Derry/Stansted routes in isolation. There’s a lot more going on:

    Ryanair now have a Derry/Luton service. It seems to be doing well enough.

    Aer Lingus is boasting of 750,000 passengers through BFS in first year.

    Ryanair is supposed to be scrapping the BFS-LHR service, if the take-over of Aer Lingus happens. The Shannon-LHR is apparently then up for reinstatement.

    The figures for BHD don’t look good: year-on-year traffic, 9.3% down for November.

    Have you noticed how “busy” BFS isn’t these days? I reckon there were just a dozen flights departing between 9am and 4pm today (as most days).

  • darth rumsfeld

    agreed in spades
    if we had a proper investigative journalist in NI, the true scandal of the Eglinton airport would win someone an award. Stoop hubris and self importance that would make Margaret Ritchie blush is the explanation. Only surprised they didn’t try to name if after Saint John

    Incidentally, why have the name change junkies on the council not yet started on the international aviation bods for the code for our moneypit on the Foyle? -LDY, if memory serves.

    Surely the whole point of changing the name of the airport was that is was wile confusin’ hi for till have a name differend from thon Council?-the taximen and tourists would get lost oh- and slapping it up the Prods of course was just a regrettable side product.
    So why no Guildhall action on this contemptible anti-Irish slur on our luggage labels, oppressing us all over again? Couldn’t the spotty yoofs of eirigi run around behind our cases in the terminal with big green felt tips blanking out the hated ..er..”L” on the luggage labels? Or Ogre (sic) Sinn Fein bring up the Rossport Five to lie on the runway till the ancient wrong is righted? Arise o sons of destiny!

    Oh , sorry. The election’s next year.

  • Nice suggestion, darth rumsfeld @ 09:43 AM. Those “the spotty yoofs of eirigi” could certainly add thereby to the festive joys of seasonal travel.

    The IATA codes are essentially a digram for the airline (BA, EI, EZ, FR and so on) and a trigram for the airport (LHR, BFS, CDG … BHD being also a historic curiosity). Both lists are pretty crowded.

    So, let’s play:
    CDY would land one in the Philippines, DER in Papua-New Guinea and DRY is a remote outback station in Western Australia, inaccessible except by helicopter in the WET season.

    Meanwhile, a quick emendation of a luggage label to “DY” could involve a trip to see Santa: it’s the digram for Norwegian [Air Shuttle], the Easyjet of Scandinavia.

    I hazily recall, from a year or two back, the newly-weds who arranged their honeymoon on the internet. Instead of a tropical delight, a confusion over codes landed them in Arctic Canada.

  • Ullans

    This is a cautionary tale… where Ryanair gain a monopoly it does not act in selfless munificence thereafter.

    Ryanair is not “low cost” – it is a grasping commercial enterprise that is so naked in its greed that it even believes its own b/s.