“bland, impersonal, vague and too politically correct..”

Last week the Belfast Telegraph mentioned the end of the evaluation of the Pupil Profiles pilot scheme and the BBC now reports on the outcome. Almost exactly three years after I first referenced them on Slugger, Pupil Profiles are to be scrapped re-profiled.. From the BBC report

However, the latest report on the pilot scheme has criticised both the computer technology and the lack of information in the reports. Parents described them as “bland, impersonal, vague and too politically correct.” The department now intends to rename the profiles Annual School Reports. Teachers will be told they should list whatever level a child has reached and, if they wish, include the class test results. The department said the reports would not be used for academic selection.

Well, fine. Adds According to the Northern Ireland Education Minister, “The term “pupil profile” has caused confusion in the past..”