“There is no hope of this nonsense ever making it into law, let alone practice.”

In his Irish News column this week, Newton Emerson was scathing of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s “statutory advice” to the NI Secretary of State on the content of a NI Bill of Rights “the scope for defining, in Westminster legislation, rights supplementary to those in the ECHR, to reflect the particular circumstances of Northern Ireland.”

After a decade of deliberation involving hundreds of organisations, thousands of people and millions of pounds, the commission has produced an undeliverable litany of provincial special pleading. It is a fiasco.

Meanwhile Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has some related “pie in the sky” thinking too

To advance all of this work Sinn Féin believes that it is essential that an all-Ireland Constitutional Court is established to serve as an independent and impartial body to which citizens, special interest groups and those charged with advancing and protecting Human Rights can refer cases for decisions.

We believe that if rights and case law are to harmonise and converge throughout the island, as outlined in the Good Friday Agreement, then a Constitutional Court is a logical and appropriate model to advocate.”

Of course, without an all-Ireland constitution any such “court” would have no legitimacy whatsoever..

But nevermind, as Mick mentioned in the Blogburst, there’s always the border poll that Conor Murphy believes could be held by 2016..

Fine. Indeed.