Maria Gatland in the Sunday Times

Maria Gatland (nee McGuire) has a piece in today’s Sunday Times explaining the circumstances of her previous membership of the IRA and the furore which surrounded her having the Conservative whip withdrawn. She seems somewhat aggrieved at what has happened in the last few weeks. She explains how in the past she “..felt strongly about the way the people of Ireland were being treated.” It seems that she decided to “defect” after the end of the 1972 truce. She says she “… was quite egotistical and didn’t reflect on how my actions would impinge on other people, particularly my parents.” She also feels that she was “very self absorbed.”

One might suggest that she has got her tenses mixed up a little; she also seems to be having difficulties finding the word “sorry.” In addition it might be interesting to know what happened to the profits from her book sales. How much for the victims of the IRA?