Cameron answers three questions from Slugger…

Okay, I’m sorry this took so long. David Cameron’s Office had it back to us promptly on Tuesday, but with so many other things happening in the last few days, I didn’t get time to upload it with my technically challenged skill set. Also, now the hype’s blown over, I’m hoping for a more reasoned exchange on the material and matters arising from it. You’ll find the three questions from our readers below the fold that the UK Leader of the Opposition has given answers to.

In his opinion, has the New Labour devolution project in the UK strengthened or weakened the Union? If it is the former, will he then be looking to extend the “benefits” of devolution to England? If it is the latter, how does he propose to remedy the situation?

Mr O’Neill, Belfast

Do you support academic selection at 11 and if so (since it is only used for selecting for a place at a grammar school) why have you abandoned grammar schools in England yet claim to support them here?

S Elliott

How does current Conservative policy on restraining public spending sit with the fact that almost every major economy is planning some kind of stimulus package?