Wayward in Wearside

There’s clearly something in the Wearside air (or maybe pork?) that’s affecting prominent Irish football figures. Firstly, Roy Keane follows his own Saipan path by walking out on the Sundireland venture as soon as the going got a little tepid. And now, Northern Ireland’s leading international goalscorer has signalled his anger with international manager, Nigel Worthington, including in the article a less than humble reference to himself as ‘the hero/ messiah’ of the team.

  • pith

    It’s time Healy realised that modern football requires levels of physical fitness which are unlikely to be attained by only ever disappearing up one’s own arse.

  • frank

    Listened to Keane mentioning the comments of Worthington a couple of weeks ago on 5 live.

    Keane echoed Worthington’s words and said that it was the players’ responsibility to keep up their match fitness if they were spending time ‘bench-warming’ for their respective clubs. He mentioned players who never bothered to stay behind after training for an extra bit of training or cardio work at Sunderland.

    I presume he was talking about players approaching him (as Healy did) asking for a first team start etc.., and not being prepared to put in the extra work to show their willingness to want to play.

    The ‘messiah’ rubbish is quite comical. He has been an important player for the North, especially during the last qualifiers, but has consistantly failed to make it at the top or medium level in club football, thus his forced departures during his career at Man U, Leeds, Fulham and probably Sunderland.

    League 1 is probably a better club level for the ‘Messiah’

    However if he keeps banging them in for the North, i doubt their fans will be to worried, but he does need to be playing some club football.

  • janeymac

    Clearly the air on Wearside has a different effect on both men. One claims not to be the ‘Messiah’ that everyone hoped he was while the other one thinks he is!

  • Battler

    No harm but its not at all clear that he described himself as ‘the hero, the Messiah’ in the article – he’s quoted very sloppily and it looks (to me at least) as if the direct quote ends before that. Not sure if its mischief or laziness on the part of the author, but either way its crap sub-editing…

  • pith

    Battler, Are you sure about that? The words are within inverted commas in the report.

  • Good Grief

    I saw the messiah smoking fags and enjoying more than the odd pint on the town in the not too distant past….All together now, he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy !

  • f word

    ‘I saw the messiah smoking fags and enjoying more than the odd pint on the town in the not too distant past….’

    Oh dear-flutes, famines, fags and Fosters-the fecking’ feckless fop.

  • Tom Humphries

    Fail to prepare,Prepare to fail

    Keane used NI’s official in Saipan.

    Does he know who the second best prepared European team was?