Too-Near-Earth Objects..

This is a few days old now so some of you may already have seen it, but it’s interesting none the less. Surveillance cameras capturing a moment that previously could only be witnessed by sheer good fortune – and I’ve been lucky once – the moment a meteorite burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere over Edmonton, Canada [adds and lights up the entire sky]. Fortunately, this time, it looks like it was a small one.. Apophis awaits.. It’s what the Pan-STARRS project was designed for.

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  • please no…

    More irrelevant self-indulgence…

  • Comrade Stalin

    I thought that was incredible.

  • Stargazer

    I will never forget seeing something similar in the early eighties in the skies of Northern Ireland.
    If I recall correctly it changed colour several times.

  • Pete Baker

    please no..

    “irrelevant self-indulgence”

    And your point is? ;op




    Winter of ’81 [I believe] was the one I saw.

  • Pete Baker

    Actually, thinking about it further, it may have been in ’82.

  • Stargazer

    It was more like 82 as far as I remember. At the time I had no idea what it was on account of the changing colours but have since learned that this phenomenon is not unusual.

  • joeCanuck

    There was good triangulation and quite a few bits recovered. No details on composition yet.

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks for the additional info, Joe.


    Early 82 would be my best guess. I had been trying to calculate it based on the context of my sighting – Travelling home from performing in a school play in my first year at the Rainey.

  • The Raven

    The side banner ad for this page when I tuned in was “2012 Comet”. Check it out.

    Pete, do you subscribe…? 😉

  • Pete Baker


    Subscribe to the notion that the world will end in 2012?

    Have a wild guess.. ;o)